The Role of Women to achieve stable and lasting peaceGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The Role of Women to achieve stable and lasting peace

Parlamentary Session / Chile

Topic developed during the Diplomatic, Political and Parliamentary Session of CUMIPAZ 2015

During the last session of CUMIPAZ 2015, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, counted with the presence of women with a great political trajectory in their respective countries, who developed the topic: “The political participation of women in the States for the strengthening of peace and integral happiness of the human being and the nations.”

One of them was Senator Myriam Alicia Paredes, from Colombia, who stated that in that same country they are working for a Peace Agreement after 50 years of confrontation, highlighting one of the important instruments when reaffirming the role of the woman in reconstructing peace: Resolution 1325, adapted by the UN Security Council, which commemorates 15 years since its issuing on October 31. This marked a historic milestone in recognizing the essential role of women in achieving a stable and lasting form of peace. 

Senator Paredes cited: “All legal, international and national instruments, are bases for the construction of a new society, where the role of men and women are developed within the principles of equality, respect, tolerance and assertion; the same that must be applied in negotiations in which we are immersed, and from which we all yearn to be definitive in truth, justice and necessary repair for peace to exist, and to be stable and lasting.”

The former President of Ecuador, Dr. Rosalia Arteaga, was also present, exalting the ability of women to simultaneously work for their home and society, in general. 

She stated, “That capacity to do several things, I would say, may be a woman’s greatest asset in constructing a more just and balanced society.”

On her behalf, Congresswomen Esmerita Sanchez, from Paraguay, declared that women in her country occupy important positions: governors, mayors, legislators, members of the Chamber of Representatives, working for the wellbeing of society. They hold formal campaigns in order for women and children to denounce any type of verbal, psychological or sexual violence, so that the perpetrators are exemplarily punished. 

“I recommend to women who can participate in elections, to become candidates, to occupy important positions, and to work for a more human way of life; and bring happiness, with great confidence, to the households and places where they are,” said Congresswomen Sanchez.

To finalize, Congresswomen Maria Luisa Guzman, from the Dominican Republic, spoke on the importance of equality amongst men and women to achieve the construction of a more just society and respect for everyone. 

She stated: “What I want to express unto you with that is, that we only need to have a dream and make it reality; it is not only to make a law, it is to commit to make a change, to make a change for a better future, to make a change like we are doing today as legislators, representatives and students.” 

This was a space where women proved their role in society and in which they expressed their desire to accompany men in this global transformation process, with the only objective of working towards progress, peace and the happiness of the integral human being. 


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