An encounter of leaders and thinkers, with the objective of creating an international space of dialogue and integration for peace, a sustainable development and the happiness of the integral human being and of the nations, in harmony with Mother Earth. This Encounter calls upon world leaders, parliamentary authorities, scholars, magistrates, politicians and the civil society of the world, who represent supranational organizations, States, governments, the organized civil society and the business sector.


High level meeting orgainzed by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP)

General Objective

Create an international space of dialogue and integration, that gathers personalities from different fields where human beings interact, to study debate and formulate initiatives, projects and viable actions, aimed at strengthening peace and happiness of the integral human being, of the nations and among the nations.


The foundation of the GEAP is the recognition and defense of human dignity, equal and inalienable rights of every member of the human family and the Rights of Mother Earth, as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international instruments.


Call and gather global leaders who are committed to work for the strengthening of universal justice, countries, peace and happiness of the integral human being, of the nations and among the nations, through the formulation of global and local proposals destined towards the strengthening of respect for life, and human dignity.

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Day 1

Science for the Preservation of the Life of Mother Earth and the Human Being Session

Integrate, synchronize and promote alternative knowledge of indigenous scientific, technological and ancestral knowledge, based on universal principles and values, Human Rights and the Rights of Mother Earth.

Day 2

Corporate Social Responsibility Session (CSR) for a Sustainable Development

Raise awareness in the business sector on the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), based on values and principles, as an effective way to address social issues and the sustainability of Mother Earth, for the strengthening of peace and happiness of the integral human being and of the nations.

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Day 2

Inaugural Gala - Welcome Symphonic Concert

Inaugural Gala will present the Peace Integration Symphonic Concert

Free Entrance

Day 3

Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session

Create a space of discussion and dialogue to develop and strengthen different proposals and agreements designed to seek progress, peace and the happiness of the integral human being, based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and in harmony with Mother Earth.

Day 4

Educational Session

Promote the internalization of an integral education of the human being, founded on principles, values, respect for Human Rights and of Mother Earth, by uniting inter-institutional strategies that strengthen the development of a Culture of Peace in society.

Day 5

Justice and Democracy Session

Formulate proposals and promote actions in favor of strengthening the democratic character of the UN; the revision of the Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, and the Rome Statute; the efficiency of universal and national justice; as well as the recognition and respect of dignity and human rights.

Day 6

Panama Canal

Official visit, near the city of Panama to the Visitor Center of the Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal. An enriching experience on a route that unites the world.