The First Panel of the Diplomatic, Political and Parliamentary Session, promoted the debate and analysis by the international legislators.Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

The First Panel of the Diplomatic, Political and Parliamentary Session, promoted the debate and analysis by the international legislators.

Parlamentary Session / Chile

In an effort to provide a space for dialogue, presentation and analysis of proposals which are aimed towards the improvement and well-being of the human family, based on the global objectives of a sustainable development and harmony with Mother Earth, legislators and parliamentarians from four countries of the American continent, participated in the first panel of diplomatic, political and parliamentary session, under the topic: “The challenge of the legislative power in the promotion of laws aimed at social well-being, sustainable development and environmental protection.”

The first lecture was given by Venezuelan deputy Ana Elisa Osorio, who, from her experience as president of the Commission of Environment and Tourism of the Latin American Parliament, reported on the parliamentary activity in environmental rights, rights of Mother Earth and sustainable development.

In the framework of her intervention she focused on an existing global concern, which, in her words, is summarized in a four point planetary crisis: environmental, financial, political and ethical. Each one manifested in an individual community which has displaced happiness based on the being to prioritize the desire of having..


“Given the situation: What can we do? And in this sense, I also vindicate this kind of activity, because this Peace Summit is precisely what we need to implement actions for increasing human relationships which are stronger, more committed, less individualistic, and better focused on common benefit”, emphasized Dr. Osorio.


It is possible to change the world starting from a local level.

The lecture from United States was given by Senator Iris Martínez, who, from a vision of work and effort, is concerned with achieving results friendly to the environment, starting with laws that benefit all citizens. Considering that from an education that promotes the care and preservation of the environment, it is possible to teach practices that will benefit children and youths in the future..

“The government and society can work together so that there are sustainable, economic and social opportunities; and also respect for Mother Earth, protected from products without chemicals and pesticides,” said senator Martínez in her presentation.

Puerto Rico was represented by Senator Jorge Suárez Cáceres, who in his speech pointed out the work of the Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico in favor of the rights of its citizens and immigrants that the island receives daily.

The legislative work of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is demonstrating that with citizen participation and commitment of the legislators, it is possible to build a better society, more inclusive and just.

Senator Suárez said: “We have definitely have had to govern and exercise the legislative power in difficult times, where it is necessary to use creativity to ensure social well-being, sustainable development and environmental protection. Perhaps the financial resources at our disposal for these initiatives are not the best, but when there is the willingness of an entire country, there is nothing that can stop it.”

A calling to reflection

Uruguay, with its legislative experience, provided the touch of reflection to end the first panel of experts. With three fundamental premises, Representative José Andrés Arocena, called upon the attendees to become aware of the responsibility that one has from the roles that each one plays in society in order to perform actions for the protection of the rights of Mother Earth.


He summed up the three premises of his speech where mankind has recognized the reality of climate change, the second, that there is a global concern about it, third, and perhaps the most important: not enough is being done to change the situation.

Representative Arocena said in his speech: “Then, let us take advantage of this concern to make the legislative changes we need to make, let us take advantage to move into action. It is us, our generation, which has to solve this, not another generation”

Respecting state sovereignty and interested parties in international relations, the participants and spectators of this first panel of experts, agreed that the time to work in unity with citizens for the benefit of the planet Earth is now, today.


CUMIPAZ Peace Integration Summit