“The fundamental principles to reach the happiness of the human being: respect and protection of Human Rights y the Rights of Mother Earth.”Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

“The fundamental principles to reach the happiness of the human being: respect and protection of Human Rights y the Rights of Mother Earth.”

Parlamentary Session / Chile

The topic of the second panel during the Diplomatic, Political and Parliamentary Session of CUMIPAZ pursued, what may be the fundamental principles to reach peace and happiness of the human being and of the planet, a cycle of reflection and analysis to achieve the restoration of the rights of Mother Earth as a living being.

Dr. Luis Antonio Ortiz, Vice President of the Civil Appellations Court of the Supreme Court of Justice, was in charge of the first intervention of this panel, and highlighted the importance of humanity becoming aware of the current state of the planet Earth.

During his intervention he reaffirmed his support towards the proposals of the Global Ambassador of the Activists for Peace, Dr. William Soto, in criminalizing Ecocide as the fifth international crime, which is responsibility of the International Criminal Court. 

One of his proposals was to promote before the United Nations Organization the immediate approval of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth project, which is already in said institution. 

For Dr. Ortiz, working to reach total harmony with Mother Earth is a fundamental principle to achieve peace and the happiness of the human being. He stated:

“(...) that happiness yearned for every human being, to be reached, will be reflected in the respect for the Rights that our Mother Earth has; so that the latter, can give humans a planet full of biodiversity, oxygen, that is capable of maintaining and conserving the environment. It is with this measure that we can guarantee each and every one of the principles that can be grouped into what we call: happiness.”

Subsequently, Dr. Mirtha Natividad Arce Camacho, Senator of the Multinational State of Bolivia, intervened during the second panel of the last session of CUMIPAZ. She evidenced the importance of not focusing on international instruments only, but she also considers it imperative to revise the internal legislations of every country. 

Dr. Mirtha Arce believes that the successive adoption of laws does not guarantee the fulfillment of the same. It is necessary to create awareness in citizens so they may learn of them and obey them, at the same time it is responsibility of the States and governments to create policies that allow their effective compliance. 

She said, referring to the rights of Mother Earth as a right of the third generation, “we must remember that we are referring to rights that are collective and vague, because it is in every one, and no one can solely take to right complete access. That is where we find the immense challenge.”

She concluded her intervention calling upon diplomats and parliamentarians present to work together in favor of reestablishing the right of Mother Earth. 




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