Third Session of CUMIPAZ 2015 gathers diplomats, parliamentarians and politicians of America and Europe to work towards peaceGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Third Session of CUMIPAZ 2015 gathers diplomats, parliamentarians and politicians of America and Europe to work towards peace

Parlamentary Session / Chile

“The role of the States for the strengthening of peace and integral happiness of the human being and the nations” was the central topic of the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session, which closed the session cycle of the Peace Integration Summit, CUMIPAZ 2015, in Santiago, Chile. 

The objective of the session was to construct a space of dialogue, presentation and analysis of proposals that have the objective of seeking progress and the wellbeing of the human family, based on the global objectives of the UN Sustainable Development and in harmony with Mother Earth. 


For this, Dr. William Soto Santiago, Global Ambassador of Peace and President of CUMIPAZ gathered international leaders, authorities and personalities of distinguished trajectory in parliamentary, political and diplomatic fields; who have the power to implement measures and propose legislations that aim towards the construction of the integral peace of nations and among the nations.

This call was attended by representatives from Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, Italy, Bolivia, Honduras, Paraguay, Puerto Rico and Venezuela; at the same time academics, Aborigine leaders, university students, activists for peace and the press were also present. 

This session was organized with workshop tables that developed different issues framed within the central topic, among them: “The challenge of the Legislative Power in promoting laws oriented towards social wellbeing, a sustainable development and the protection of the environment”; “Dialogue and negotiation as fundamental tools for strengthening peace and a sustainable development.”

At the same time, the agenda of the session arranged a special subject to promote respect for Human Rights and the Rights of Mother Earth, as fundamental principles to reach the peace of the integral human being and of the nations. 

The political participation of the woman was another important topic considered for the development of the session, which aimed to promote gender equality when the States are making decisions for the strengthening of peace. 

This final session of CUMIPAZ 2015, promotes the unification of States with the purpose of uniting the defense of Human Rights, liberties and fundamental principles, laws oriented towards a Sustainable Development and the defense of the Rights of Mother Earth.

The analysis and proposals of the session will be scheduled into a declaration that will be presented before nations and organizations at a global level. At the same time, this session promotes the strengthening of the bonds of brotherhood and the cooperation among the States, public and private organizations and the civil society.




CUMIPAZ Peace Integration Summit