Educational Session


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Promote the globalization of the comprehensive education of the human being, founded on principles, values, respect for Human Rights and Mother Earth, through inter-institutional strategies that strengthen the development of Culture of Peace in society.

SPECIFIC Objectives

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    Generate strategic proposals that promote a comprehensive education, through reflective and participatory spaces.
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    Establish lines of actions based on inclusive education, social justice, and the complete development of Human Rights by means of formative education for leaders in building a Culture of Peace.
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    Promote in Higher Education the main objectives of social transformation in the human family.
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    Foster strategic alliances and cooperation in the field of education, to promote a Culture of Peace and Sustainable Development.


Representatives from supranational organizations related to Education and public policies, Ministers of Education, Education Councils, universities, Higher Education Institutes, institutes of every level within the educational system, youth leaders and society, in general.



The Educational Session contemplates debates in plenary sessions and four simultaneous work tables; which will be developed under a referential context that will generate a collaborative development of proposals for educational policy.



"Education for Peace: Pedagogical Innovations"

"Educational models in the world today: The challenge to achieve the formation of the integral human being”

"Practices and tools to construct educational spaces of peace"

Public policies on the subject: the global commitment to the peaceful formation of societies