Global Ambassador of Peace presents the CUMIPAZ 2015 DeclarationGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Global Ambassador of Peace presents the CUMIPAZ 2015 Declaration

Parlamentary Session / Chile

In 2016, the Summit will take place in Paraguay

The Peace Integration Summit ended its sessions with the reading of the Chile CUMIPAZ 2015 Declaration, headed by the CEO of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), Dr. William Soto Santiago, in the Hall of Honor, of the former National Congress of Chile. 

This document contains the contributions, analysis and proposals that each session of the Summit produced, which focused on three main topics for the construction of peace: Judicial, Educational and Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political.

This declaration consists on a consensual proposal to be presented before organizations and national, regional and international Governments; the definitive text of this declaration will be released in upcoming days, and sent to the participants for its socialization and official publication. 

The document was constituted on the foundation of the objectives proposed by the GEAP, and enriched and strengthen by the valuable contributions of academics, senators, magistrates, judges of high courts, representatives and different authorities from America and Spain. 

All in all, the Judicial, Educational and Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political sessions promoted: the respect of Human Dignity and fundamental rights; the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide and other international crimes; the democratization of the UN Security Council; the independence and autonomy of the International Criminal Court; the strengthening of a justice for peace. 

At the same time, the promotion and defense of the Rights of Mother Earth; the establishment of an integral Education based on principles and ethical, moral and spiritual values; the furtherance of actions to achieve the global objectives of milenial development; the promotion and usage of dialogue, the negotiation of fundamental tools for diplomacy; and international relations to promote peace. 

“To accomplish this we agree to undertake every possible, peaceful and legal effort, in the social, political, economic and educational field, to various authorities and competent agencies at a national and international level”, was part of the reading of Ambassador William Soto

“We expect, along with the help of each and every one of you, that these proposals be materialized in actions; and that at the next Summit, which is programmed to be held in Paraguay, we can celebrate these achievements”, Dr. Soto expressed, while releasing the name of the country where CUMIPAZ 2016 will be held. 

To close the event, General Director, Gabriela Lara, expressed: “We have gathered to discuss peace” and motivated the guests to take action and present their results at the next Summit; at the same time, she recognized the voluntary support of the National Coordinators of the GEAP and other Activists for Peace during the events. Finalizing, she thanked every personality and authority present, inviting them to a special dinner to celebrate the achievements of CUMIPAZ 2015 CHILE.


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