OFFICIAL OPENING OF CUMIPAZ 2015Global Embassy of Activists for Peace


Justice Session / Chile

Days of reflection and proposals for an integration for peace have begun


“Together will we reflect and become stronger, because we have the same goal: peace for the human family.” Those were the words Dr. William Soto Santiago expressed during the opening of the Peace Integration Summit (CUMIPAZ 2015). Dr. Sergio Muñoz Gajardo was also present during this ceremony at the emblematic former Congress of the Republic.

This event gave way to a series of conferences, workshops and lectures that will be developed through November 3rd to the 7th, days where political, judicial, parliamentary, and academic authorities, as well as the organized civil society from different countries will converge; scholars, students, Activists for Peace and the press will also participate in the sessions of peace integration, the promotion and defense of Human Rights, the strengthening of Universal Justice, an education in values and the protection of Mother Earth.

“Today we begin three days of hard work to enrich the functioning of justice, education, diplomacy and politics. Cornerstones in building a safe path that allows us to travel the road towards the peace that we all desire. This Peace Integration Summit is taking place in a crucial moment in the history of mankind. Never before has it been so evident the need and urgency of a transformation”, expressed Dr. Soto in his intervention. 

On his behalf, Dr. Muñoz initially spoke on the necessity of justice and truth to construct peace, and at the same time, gave a fundamental interest in considering rights, liberties and guarantees that national and international legal systems have already established for each human being. 

“When we speak of substantial aspects in our societies, such as an Integration for Peace, we inexplicably reach Justice (…) that the people and the governments respect the rights of everyone, since among individuals and between the nations, respecting the rights of others is peace”, he expressed.

The General Director of the GEAP, Gabriela Lara, in her intervention, added that a declaration will be created with the proposals and conclusions of CUMIPAZ 2015, and will be taken before different organizations and governments at a worldwide level.

Immediately afterwards, the tables of the Judicial Session of CUMIPAZ began with the participation of different international authorities. 


CUMIPAZ Peace Integration Summit