International Soiree to celebrate the integration of nations for peaceGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

International Soiree to celebrate the integration of nations for peace


The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) offers a Welcome Dinner to all the personalities and authorities of America and Europe, who are participating in the first Peace Integration Summit (CUMIPAZ 2015) organized by the GEAP in Santiago, Chile, on November 3rd to the 7th

This pleasant soiree took place on Tuesday, November 3rd at the San Cristobal Hall of the Hotel Sheraton del Gran Santiago, ceremony that opened CUMIPAZ 2015, a high level meeting, which will allow the multidisciplinary exchange, debate of opinions and the presentation of proposals in favor of peace and the integral happiness of human beings and Mother Earth.

Judges, diplomats, rectors, deans, politics, Human Rights specialists and activists for peace of various countries enjoyed the Soiree. 

“This is in honor of every one of you, men and women that work in different areas of society for peace and the integral happiness of the human being”, were the words of the host for the evening, Dr. William Soto Santiago, GEAP Ambassador and President of CUMIPAZ 2015.

Various cultural presentations, music and typical dances of the different regions of the country, were interpreted by the Rancagua Municipal Folkloric Ballet, which enlivened the international dinner. This was the perfect occasion to celebrate the three year anniversary of the GEAP and their continuous work. This was also a place where various nationalities, cultures and thoughts were able to partake and find common ground: working in an integrate manner for the peace of the nations and among the nations. 




CUMIPAZ Peace Integration Summit