A space for reflection and analysis on higher education related to peace.Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

A space for reflection and analysis on higher education related to peace.

Educational Session / Paraguay


“Peace as a transverse topic in university management” was the topic of the third table that formed part of the Educational Session, where Carlos Garay, representative of the Latin American Tuning Project of Paraguay, participated as moderator.

The associate professor of Public International Law and International Affairs, Santiago J. Castella Surribas, began the lectures with the topic: “The education in Human Rights as a foundation for the formation of values in Higher Education.”

Castella expressed that an education in human rights is the foundation in forming values, he also related the evolution of human rights from the first generation to the third generation, and its current legitimacy.

Educational activities for the community

Antonio Kiernyezny Rovate, Dean of the Humanities Faculty of the Itapua National University (UNI) of Paraguay, spoke on the following topic: “The contribution of university extension to address social challenges.”

Kiernyezny, referred to the contributions of university extension in relation to the classical view, the Latin American vision and the various bodies who are currently working with universities.


He emphasized that students, through their experience, can develop awareness, a solidarity culture, a responsible culture; a culture that will help them become a humble and sensible professional in their current social reality.

Towards an education of excellence

Vielka Jaramillo de Escobar, representative of the Board of Directors of the National Accreditation Commission and University Evaluation of Panama (CONEAUPA) spoke on the topic of: “The solidarity internationalization of Higher Education in the pursuit of improving educational quality”.

Jaramillo expressed:

“Latin America tends to be a receiver, to send their professionals, but few of us are receivers of those professionals.”


Vielka Jaramillo de Escobar
Executive Secretary of the National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation of Panama


Regarding the internationalization of higher education, Jaramillo mentioned fundamental aspects such as the consolidation of international solidarity cooperation and the culture of internationalization that seeks academic mobility.

Technology and innovation

Segio Duarte Masi, advisor of the Science Technology and Innovation of CONACYT, spoke on “Investigations, Innovation as strategic tools for the development of a peaceful society.”

Duarte presented the process of various investigations, related to peace, that have been carried out, the different science and technology projects and linked models concerning society.

"We have experienced phases in several ways, in how we understand the concept of peace, and the variables we have to take into account when we speak of investigations for peace”, he added.

He also expressed that the human being based on ethical, cultural, economic factors will decide where they will direct these variables and above all, where they will apply the use of technology and innovation.

The third table ended with a session of questions and answers, which allowed the participants to speak of their experiences and confirm that education is the transverse topic in university management.


CUMIPAZ Peace Integration Summit