University networks to impulse peace: agreements in CUMIPAZ 2016Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

University networks to impulse peace: agreements in CUMIPAZ 2016

Educational Session / Paraguay

Educational Session – Table 2


The Peace Integration Summit – CUMIPAZ 2016 presented the International Alliance of Universities for Peace (ALIUP) at the National Congress of Paraguay, to promote the internationalization of the integral education of the human being, founded on principles, values, respect for human rights and the rights of Mother Earth.

The second work table of the Educational Session presented the topic “The role of the universities in promoting peace before the challenges of the XXI century.” This topic was discussed by specialists of higher education, representatives from academic institutions and universities.

Among the contributions, they emphasized on the need to transform structural, cultural or direct violations in universities; generate a culture of peace in institutions and the formation of university networks to achieve this objective.

Universalization of education

The coordinator of the Central American System of University-Society Relation, Mynor Cordon, from Guatemala, developed the topic: “Universities committed to environmental sustainability and the protection of the rights of Mother Earth.” He highlighted that university networks may allow the promotion of environmental values.

“Do not use renewable resources at a faster pace than their regeneration; do not produce contaminates at a faster rhythm than their recycling,” he stated.
Syndia Nazario, director of the Ana G. Mendez University System at the Maryland Campus, United States, centered her analysis on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and explained that higher education is key in the promotion and defense of human rights.
“It is necessary to contemplate inclusion and social justice within the diversification and academic flexibility of the universalization of higher education.” stated Syndia A. Nazario.


Syndia A. Nazario
Campus Director of the Ana G. Méndez University System, Maryland, United States


Peace as an ideal state

Danysabel Caballero, dean of Student Life of the Specialized University of the Americas in Panama, spoke on peace as an ideal state at a social and individual level; peace to achieve a situation of complete harmony and equilibrium between the heart and mind of the individual.

“Peace is to always think about equality amongst every human being, peace is to live in serenely, intensely, sowing seeds of love and unity each day”, she expressed.

With the topic “The role of the public university in the construction of Peace and Human Rights”, the dean of the Humanities and Science Education Faculty in Bolivia, Maria Pareja Tejeda, spoke on the culture of peace as an ensemble of values and behaviors based on the respect for life, the end of violence, dialogue and cooperation.


CUMIPAZ Peace Integration Summit