International consensus for peace and a sustainable development: Declaration CUMIPAZ 2016Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

International consensus for peace and a sustainable development: Declaration CUMIPAZ 2016

Educational Session / Paraguay


The Declaration of the Peace Integration Summit –CUMIPAZ 2016 was read during the plenary session at the Bicameral Chamber of the Legislative Palace in Paraguay.

William Soto Santiago, president of CUMIPAZ, presented the initial document of the consensus Declaration, which was expanded and reinforced with the contributions, proposals, analysis and discussions of the 65 lecturers from different nationalities.

Four days of sessions for integral peace, universal justice and a sustainable development concluded with conclusions, new projects and actions to be developed during the next year.

Representatives from the diplomatic, political, parliamentary, environmental, educational, judicial and business field, from America, Europe and Africa, gathered at the heart of South America, to answer the call of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), organization led by William Soto.

Among the authorities that were present:

  • The general secretary of the OAS, Luis Almargo Lemes;

  • Judges of the International Criminal Court, Howard Morrison (United Kingdom) and Antoine Mbe-Mindua (Congo);

  • President of the African Court of Human Rights, Augustino Ramadhani;

  • Manuel Ventura Robles, former judge of the Inter American Court on Human Rights;

  • President of the Central American Court of Justice, Cesar Salazar Grande;

  • Luis Alberto Lacalle, Former President of Uruguay;

  • General Prosecutor from El Salvador, Sonia Cortez de Madriz;

  • Commissioner from Texas, Tommy Calvert, among other personalities.

During each of the sessions a document filled with the approaches, analysis and contributions of the conferences, panels and work tables was created. Later, those conclusions were included in the Declaration, which will be socialized and presented before regional, national and supranational organizations.


Conclusions and proposals per session:

Encounter of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and a Sustainable Development

The necessity of adopting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), for businesses to become socially responsible, and to promote citizen participation through corporate volunteers, as a tool to achieve the peace and happiness of the human family was decided during the session.  

Among the proposals:

  • Generate an alliance to carry out seminars and virtual courses, with the objective of creating awareness among businesses and the social practice of CSR.
Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session:

The work tables of the sessions coincided on the importance of the transforming social compromise, the fundamental role of political leaders as the soul of each nation and how they manage the development of transforming policies.

They also considered that public policies of sustainable development should consider indigenous people, minorities and environmental care, as an essential part in community participation.

Among the main approaches:

  • Promote, at every level, the proposals for the creation of the INTER AMERICAN ENVIRONMENTAL CHARTER, which seeks, among other aspects, the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being.

Educational Session ALIUP

The work tables of the sessions emphasized on strengthening the alliances between institutions of Higher Education and universities, multilateral organizations related to education, governmental organizations that administer the educational systems of the States for the construction of a society based on the integral peace and happiness of the human being.

Among the proposals:

Complete the cycle of the educational system and teach individuals to make decisions, reinforcing "being", "knowledge" and "know how", but decide under a criterion that allows the promotion with our actions, happiness, progress and the integral peace of human beings.

Justice and Democracy Session
During the work tables of this session, judicial, diplomats and parliamentary authorities promoted the strengthening of national and universal justice for peace.

Among the proposals:

Establish a governmental plan of incidence for the creation of Regional Observatories to detect early warning signs of genocidal behavior.


Upon finishing the reading of the Declaration CUMIPAZ 2016, William Soto announced that the third edition of the Summit will be held in Panama: CUMIPAZ 2017.

To celebrate the closing of the sessions, a concert offered by the Symphonic Orchestra of the GEAP (OSEAMP) and a special dinner for all the attendees was offered.


CUMIPAZ Peace Integration Summit