International Summit initiates an educational session to work for a culture of peaceGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

International Summit initiates an educational session to work for a culture of peace

Educational Session / Paraguay


In the Bicameral Chamber of the Legislative Palace of Paraguay, academic, parliamentary and diplomatic authorities met to participate in the Education Session of the Peace Integration Summit CUMIPAZ 2016, aimed to promote the establishment of a culture of global peace through comprehensive education.

Before the challenges of the XXI century, ministers, secretaries of education, rectors, professors and teachers from different universities in Latin America, United States and Europe attended the event to reflect on the universal principles and values ​​of the learning process, educational policies, and quality education in favor of peace.

 The national minister, Lasdislaa Alcaraz Silvero, joined the table of honor next to the CEO of GEAP William Soto Santiago; the rector of the Nihon Gakko University (Paraguay), Dionisio Ortega; and Hermelinda Alvarenga de Ortega, secretary pro tempore of the International Alliance of Universities for Peace (ALIUP) and rector of the Nihon Gakko University.

Lasdislaa, executive secretary of Linguistic Policy of the Presidency of Paraguay, said: "We thoroughly want peace to be the foundation of our alliances, of our integration; the foundation of the education we promote for ourselves, for our nations, for the world".

William Soto, president of CUMIPAZ, emphasized that education is a key factor to effectively combat poverty, inequality, and counteract other problems, among which he mention the growing wave of terrorism in different parts of the world.

"We live in a time where the right to a quality, comprehensive and holistic education, for the peace and happiness of humanity has become a fundamental premise which must be addressed by governments as a priority in the national development plan of all countries," he said.


Alvarenga said that ALIUP promotes the development of projects and plans for comprehensive training, sharing experiences and creating student institutional networks, professionals and student promoting the culture of peace, focusing on the creation and development of an International Chair on Culture of Peace and Universal Values. (See ALIUP)

This session of CUMIPAZ promotes the internationalization an education of the human being, based on principles, values and respect for human rights and for Mother Earth, through agency strategies.

These participations were part of the opening ceremony, which officially gave way to the Educational Session and began the segment of lectures and the development of work tables. 



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