The country of eternal spring will host CUMIPAZ 2018Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

The country of eternal spring will host CUMIPAZ 2018


The sessions of the 4th edition of the Summit will be broadcast live

From October 1 to 6, the Republic of Guatemala will be the 2018 world meeting point for dialogue and integration for integral peace, universal justice, the sustainable development of nations and the preservation of Mother Earth.

The Peace Integration Summit (CUMIPAZ) summons international leaders, diplomats, parliamentarians, politicians, judges, academics, scientists, indigenous leaders, environmentalists and businessmen, to formulate and study global, regional and local proposals, viable projects and actions, focused on the defense and practice of human rights, comprehensive education, advances for the preservation of life, public policies for the welfare of human beings, among others.

The sessions of the Summit will be held in Guatemala City, and will take place at the National Palace of Culture, the Supreme Court of Justice and the Westin Camino Real Hotel.

The event will promote the relationship and international linkage for the strengthening of a global and inclusive governance for peace and sustainable development. It will allow an exchange and socialization between representatives of different continents, mobilizing official delegations from more than 35 countries.

Among the authorities and personalities that will participate in the Summit:

• Elías Castillo, president of Parlatino.

• José Antonio Pineda, president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of Guatemala.

• Antoine Mindua, judge of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

• Sylvain Oré, president of the African Court of Human and Peoples' Rights.

• Rafael Fernández Valverde, magistrate of the Court of Spain / member of the Environmental Justice Commission of the Ibero-American Summit.

• Paulina Aguirre, president of the National Court of Justice of the Republic of Ecuador.

• Oscar López, Minister of Education of the Republic of Guatemala.

• Samuel Barbero, rector of the Camilo José Cela University of Madrid (Spain).

• Francisco Jiménez, representative of the Institute of Peace and Conflicts, University of Granada, Spain.

• Rajendra Pachauri, Nobel Peace Prize 2007.

• Nick Buettner, director of the Community and Corporate Blue Zones Program (USA).

• Juan López Benedí, general director of the Institute of Education in Values ​​(Spain).

• Dmitrii Kharakka-Zaitsev, representative of the Permanent Forum of the United Nations of Indigenous Peoples - Russian Federation.

• Rollin McCraty, director of Research at the HeartMath Institute (USA).

• Cristina Bonillo, Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, UNILEVER - Middle Americas.

• Acisclo Valladares, Minister of Economy of Guatemala.

• Janio Rosales, executive director of the Guatemalan Chamber of Construction.

• Ana Chan, Corporate Affairs Manager of WALMART for Mexico and Central America.

2018 Themes

This year will present the results of the commitments acquired in the CUMIPAZ 2017, and the approaches, experiences, analysis and proposals of this 2018 edition will focus on topics such as:

Science Session for the Preservation of the Life of Mother Earth and of the Human Being

  • Energy connectivity: Coherence and the global field environment.

  • Smart heart: Know, feel and train the science of the heart.

  • 2018, the reality of climate change and what we can do as citizens to curb and mitigate its effects.

  • Sustainable cities, present and future of humanity.

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Session of Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development

  • Healthy organizations and their contributions to the welfare, improvement, happiness and peace of society.

  • The circular economy as a business model and the decarbonization of production and consumption systems.

  • CSR and sustainable business models: a step towards the constitution of the rights of Mother Earth.

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Educational Session

  • State contribution in the formation and development of citizens of peace: perspectives and challenges.

  • The role of incidental social actors in the educational process for the implementation of an education for peace and the formation of transformational leaders.

  • Approaches and perspectives of an educational system oriented to the peace and happiness of the human being.

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Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session

  • Governance and co-responsibility: The OAS as a factor of continental cohesion

  • The importance of the democratic system for the peace of nations.

  • Mechanisms for resolving conflicts in interregional integration processes.

  • Inclusive public policies that promote the well-being of the human being in harmony with the objectives of Sustainable Development.

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Justice and Democracy Session

  • The International Criminal Court and the challenges of global justice, as foundations to achieve peace.

  • Judges responsible for imparting justice and generating a culture of peace.

  • Environmental justice.

  • Democratic strategies to reject acts of discrimination and all forms of intolerance and incitement to hatred.

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Symphonic Concert of Integration for Peace

CUMIPAZ will also carry out the Symphonic Peace Integration Concert, an international musical event that promotes values, unity and harmony among human beings, and in turn, exposes the impact and transcendence that music has on the life of people.

The concert will be enlivened by the Symphony Orchestra of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (OSEMAP), a group of musicians composed of 60 performers and performers of different ages, from different countries of Latin America, and is characterized by performing their pieces in the frequency of peace: 432 Hertz. See summary of the 2017 Concert

Music for peace: Social work. As part of CUMIPAZ, the GEAP will develop a musical activity dedicated to refugee children in Finca la Industria, Escuintla, approximately 500 children affected by the eruption of the Volcán de Fuego, which took place on June 3, 2018.

The activity will take place on September 27. The OSEMAP is presented as part of the program "The power of music for the peace and happiness of the integral human being", using music as an instrument of social cohesion and a tool to sow in the heart principles and values ​​that harmonize the individual with same, with your neighbor and with Mother Earth.

During the visit, other actions will also be carried out for the benefit of the refugee children.

Live broadcast

All sessions and activities of the Summit will be broadcasted live online, from the official website:

CUMIPAZ declared of educational interest by the State

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Guatemala declared CUMIPAZ 2018 an educational interest. The decree was registered in Ministerial Agreement No. 2009-2018.

The state agency, in addition to supporting the convocation process, will participate in the Summit, especially in the Educational Session.

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The country of peace 2018

The sovereign State of Guatemala has stood out for its efforts to achieve citizen peace and guarantee the protection of human rights. A central part of this was embodied in the Peace Accords (1991-1996) to reach peaceful solutions to the main problems generated by the internal armed conflict.

The Government has manifested its commitment in the strengthening of democratic institutions, the promotion of dialogue and consultation with all political forces, citizen movements and organized civil society in the country.

It has also expressed its decision to address the needs, interests and problems to achieve comprehensive health, quality education, food security, economic development, environmental sustainability and security in its different dimensions, within a framework of institutional capacities strengthened through probity, transparency, the spirit of service and an attitude of commitment (General Government Policy 2016-2020).

It should be noted that Guatemala recognizes diversity as a source of wealth for the construction of relations of intercultural coexistence and the establishment of a culture of peace.

This climate of State is considered ideal for the completion of the fourth edition of the Peace Integration Summit: CUMIPAZ 2018 - Guatemala.


CUMIPAZ Peace Integration Summit