Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political




Create a space of discussion and dialogue to develop and strengthen different proposals and agreements designed to seek progress, peace and the happiness of the integral human being, based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and in harmony with Mother Earth.



State leaders and presidents, former presidents, ambassadors and diplomatic parliamentary personnel, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and chancellors, representatives from supranational and multilateral organizations, international NGO representatives.



Keynote speeches, discussion panels, workshop and lectures.

Thematic lines


Towards the construction of an alliance for a global and integrated governance, for Human Rights and of Mother Earth.

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    Evolution of the organized civil society and its participation in the universal agenda for Human Rights and of Mother Earth.
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    Social reach of multilateral organizations of regional and continental integration, for the integral peace and happiness of humans.
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    Social policy, the civil society and the private sector integrated for the strengthening human development.

Sustainable development beyond the UN Agenda.

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    Inter-generational contributions for a Sustainable Development: The experiences of former presidents and young parliamentarians, to construct a future for our nations.
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    Active and leading contributions for a Sustainable Development and the construction for integral peace and happiness from women's point of view. Analysis of successful cases and their projections.
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    Public policies and their challenges to reduce poverty and inequality in the Era of Sustainable Development.

New focuses on the preservation and restoration of Mother Earth:

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    From Education, Culture and Communication.
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    From the vision of our indigenous people.
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    From public policies.
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    From private businesses.