Nestlé exposes the shared value in CUMIPAZ 2018Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Nestlé exposes the shared value in CUMIPAZ 2018

CSR Session / Guatemala
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Raúl Sarti Maldonado, Manager of Corporate Affairs and Public Relations of the Nestlé Company of Guatemala, participated in the second day of the Peace Integration Summit (CUMIPAZ), with a keynote address at the Session of Corporate Development of Social Responsibility.

Under the theme: "Healthy organizations and their contributions to the welfare, improvement, happiness and peace of societies", Maldonado recounted the activities that the company has projected through the creation of a shared and measurable value to contribute to the Guatemalan society.

According to the company, the creation of a shared value goes beyond the sustainability that operates, the CSR links and recognizes spaces where actions can be created that contribute to the community where they operate, as well as generating awareness, as long as it is carried out with ethics.

"Business People, we cannot pretend to talk about social responsibility, talk about social development programs, talk about the creation of shared value if we do not do it correctly if in our base of doing business, we correctly o it, do not do it in the form of respect for all the legislation," added the representative.


Raúl Sarti Maldonado
Manager of Corporate Affairs and Public Relations and Regional Manager of Labor Relations & Social Compliance of Nestlé.

Successful ecosystem

"Everything we do rests on improving the quality of life and ensuring a healthier future for people and their families, for our communities and for the planet," Maldonado.

The company affirms that in a ecosystem there must be balance between all the elements that participate, with this, they have managed to impact families, communities and the planet, implementing responsible processes and practices throughout its chain value and educating parents and children on nutrition topics and good eating habits.
The company also has the commitment to employ Guatemalan youth through alliances with industries, internships and trainings, so that, in the future, they will be able to generate employment in all developments of the country.
One of its main concerns is the water supply for the next 20 years, for this reason Nestlé has used circuits for the benefit of Mother Earth, by working in the sanitation of the Pensativo River (Zacatepéquez, Guatemala), in the reduction of CO2 emissions, renewable energies, reduction of energy consumption, control of refrigerants, among others.
By 2020, Nestlé aims to create a culture of zero landfill waste in the four operations centers of Guatemala, Sarti states that they do not want to contribute to the landfill, non-biodegradable element


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