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Corporate Social Responsibility is introduced in the legal framework

CSR Session / Guatemala
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Eli Bukspan, key professor at the Ratzinger Law School of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel, presented the conference "Enterprise: Human Rights and Peace" in the session Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Sustainable Development, which was held at the Hotel Westin Camino Real de Guatemala.

This business space of the 4th Edition of the CUMIPAZ 2018, aims to raise awareness to this sector, of the implementation of CSR, based on respect for human rights and peace, as an effective way to address social issues and the sustainability of Mother Earth.

Bukspan is a member of the public committee that oversees the RSE index on the Tel Aviv stock exchange and chairman of the ethics subcommittee. In his presentation he exposed the relationship of CSR with labor rights, environmental impact and governance, social involvement of workers, diversity and inclusion.

"CSR is not only a social or business phenomenon, but also a legal phenomenon," said Bukspan.

Likewise, he expressed that this phenomenon is no longer considered an ethical obligation of corporations along with their directors, now it is planting root in the new legal frameworks and disciplines from around the world.

For Bukspan, CSR is also an international and universal issue that in many countries has been implemented in different ways; for example, the Eiffel Tower in France uses a renewable energy system and in Singapore supermarkets stopped selling shark fin products.

Shared Value

In his participation, he mentioned that corporations are, in principle, economic areas that use CSR, although today they function as a conduit for executing human activities; this is mainly due to the concept of shared value that becomes relevant for working with society.

"There is no doubt that corporate social responsibility in general and the responsibility of corporations must in particular respect human rights, because they are crucial, especially today when social, moral, commercial and legal approaches to human rights are quickly maturing", Bukspan said. 

At the closing of his presentation, Bukspan thanked the EMAP for his invitation and expressed:

"I have no doubt that the CUMIPAZ is a great mission. I am impressed that they want to promote Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights, to have a good future for humanity and nations. "


Eli Bukspan
Professor at the Ratzinger Law School of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel.



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