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Education is an instrument for the construction of peace

Educational Session / Guatemala  |  Opening
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The Educational Session of the Peace Integration Summit, CUMIPAZ 2018 began with the participation of the highest representatives of Education from different countries, academic authorities, teachers and national and international personalities, to present and share proposals on the integral education for the improvement, peace and happiness of the human being.

The start of the event was held in the Izabal room of the Westin Camino Real Hotel, Guatemala City, in charge of the board of directors are words by Gabriela Lara, General Director of the Global Embassy of Activist for Peace and William Soto Santiago, Executive President (via videoconference); with special participation of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Guatemala.

The objective of the 2018 educational session is promoting the internationalization of the integral education of human beings based on principles, values, respect for Human Rights and Mother Earth, through joint inter-institutional strategies that strengthen the development of a culture of peace and the happiness in society.

Gabriela Lara introduced the session mentioning that education is a fundamental right that should be a priority among public policies.  Lara, also said:

"We understand that education is a power, that just as it can transform mentalities, it can transform hearts and you have the opportunity and the ability to train professionals, and make each of the students integral, positive transformational leaders, you have the ability to contribute, change, and modify their social environment. "


Gabriela Lara
General Director of the GEAP

Executive president of GEAP, William Soto, explained in his speech:

The goal of education must have, peace and happiness of the people, through teachings based on the recognition of the integral formation of human beings and involving all actors of education.


William Soto Santiago
Global Ambassador of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace.

Oscar Hugo López , Minister of Education of the Republic of Guatemala, began his speech with a welcome to all the participants of the CUMIPAZ Educational session on behalf of the institution he represents. In his speech he referred:


"Like you, we are convinced that peace is more than the absence of war, it is the construction of realizers of human dignity in its holistic conception, whose responsibility is personal, family, social and state. Education is fundamental to overcome poverty and extreme poverty, to overcome discrimination and racism, to overcome scientific and technological dependence These are the most felt conditions that dilute peace as a result of the common good ".



Oscar Hugo López Rivas
Minister of Education (Guatemala)


CUMIPAZ Peace Integration Summit