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Digital transformation as positive leverage for humanity

Educational Session / Guatemala
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The Educational Session of the 4th edition of the Summit of Integration for Peace, CUMIPAZ 2018, held in Guatemala City, was attended by the Director of Digital Transformation for Microsoft Learning in the United States, Cathy Cavanaugh.

The expert developed the topic "The teaching role in the digital age as a transmitter of universal values", emphasizing the importance of technology as a positive leverage for humanity.

"I linked with Microsoft to help understand the relationships between the skills, the learning that happens in schools and the ways in which technologies can facilitate them," She said.

Cathy Cavanaugh
Director of digital transformation for Microsoft learning. (U.S)

She also said that the company is interested in the mission of empowering every student in the schools and organizations of the planet to achieve things beyond measuring academic achievement, but also what is most significant for the individual and the community.

"These three characteristics: Having a voice, vote and an entity that supports you; In this way, teachers can change their practices widely in the digital world." She said.

Teacher's learning

Cavanaugh emphasized that they have new expectations of teachers in their preparation and practice of involving communities, and perform actions such as assessing the importance of the emotional state of children.

"Schools must worry about mental health, because it is as important or even more important than their academic growth."


Cathy Cavanaugh
Director of digital transformation for Microsoft learning. (U.S)

In his dissertation, she indicated that schools should find ways to individualize children's learning to meet their needs, be prepared for a changing world by 2030, achieve success and a more collaborative experience.



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