Dr. William Soto | Installation Act of the Session Science, CUMIPAZ 2018

Dr. William Soto | Installation Act of the Session Science, CUMIPAZ 2018


Greetings to all honorable authorities, personalities, governmental representatives, academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, and citizens present in this wonderful historic venue of Guatemala. Thank you for accepting our invitation.

Today, Monday, October 1st, we are initiating the Peace Integration Summit with the Science Session for the Preservation of the Life of Mother Earth and the Human Being.

At this time, I invite you to analyze and reflect on the influx of news that inform us every day about the many environmental and human health problems. Volcanic explosions, earthquakes, fires, and other atmospheric phenomenons, such as climate change, have increased, a consequence of all the damages caused by human beings. The extinction of animal species and deforestation have caused an unbalance in our ecosystems and, of course, this causes a negative impact on the physical and mental health of human beings and other living beings.

We have also heard, from many experts in this field, that if we don’t stop and change our way of living, we face the massive extinction of the human species, because the planet –our Mother Earth– is reacting to all the destruction caused by our hands.

However, geologic history and diverse scientific evidence has shown that if the planet were to be partially destroyed, Mother Earth would renovate itself with the passing of time. But the question is: What would happen with us, the human race?

Life on Mother Earth is sheltered and guarded through different vital systems and ecological processes. Mother Earth, just as any mother, shelters life within her womb, has her own cycles and natural laws that influence human beings and all living beings.

Human beings form part of this complex and, at the same time, subtle system of life, but with the environmental problems that we have caused, we have also unfortunately affected the ecological balance, being this the main cause of an outbreak of environmental diseases.

In addition, in May, 2018, the World Health Organization revealed the main health problems faced by humanity; among them are non-transmittable diseases (such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and chronic respiratory diseases), and infectious diseases, as well as the unbalance in mental health and general well-being. To this, the high costs of medicine production, the difficultly in accessing them, and vaccines can be added. According to these world reports, the majority of these problems derive from malnutrition, environmental problems, and genetic inheritance.

We have a profound life connection and an interrelation with all the species that inhabit the Earth, although many times, as human beings, we refuse understand it. It is proven that the health of human beings is widely linked to the health of Mother Earth; therefore if we work together in both fields, we have the hope of being able to connect and balance life again with harmony among all living beings and the resources that the planet provides for us.

The indigenous, native, and original peoples and nations have had this knowledge for one hundreds of years, and they fight to maintain their customs and ancestral knowledge, even with current social oppositions. They have demonstrated that we can continue living in harmony with Mother Earth and make good use of her resources for the preservation of life. That is why it is important that we give ourselves the opportunity to listen to them and that this be the foundation for the solutions that are implemented to reconnect with the planet in harmony.

On the other hand, the scientific community has started to understand and appreciate, on a deeper level, how we are all interconnected and affected by the magnetic fields generated by the sun and the Earth.

The rhythms and physiological behaviors of humans are synchronized with the solar and geomagnetic activity of the Mother Earth and as such, the fluctuations of the Earth and the magnetic fields of the sun can affect practically all circuits: the human ones as well as the biological ones. Logically, the interruptions and unbalance of these fields negatively affect the health and behavior of the human being.

According to the publications of the digital magazine Genome Biology, the investigators from the University of Cambridge discovered that many of our genes come from other organisms. You and I, and all other human beings have parts in our DNA that are not human; 145 genes have been identified that were transferred to our genetic code from other species, among them primates, plants, bacteria, and microorganisms.

Other research has discovered that there exists animals with which we share up to 96% of genetic similarity, and that plants may have up to 60% of the same DNA as human beings. With this scientific proof about the similarities in genes among humans and other species, perhaps many may ask themselves: What is it that makes us human?

The human being is a transcendental part of nature. They are the only living beings that can grow in knowledge day by day and develop their intelligence and acquire wisdom. On this basis, they have the ability to reason, reflect, and acquire knowledge, as well as to assume responsibility in a conscious way of the care, balance, harmony, and preservation of Mother Earth, such as promoting actions in favor of the defense of her rights.

But the most important thing is that human beings have free will in their hearts, the power to make decisions is what makes us different from other living beings. And if these decisions are based on principles and values, we will be able to take individual actions as well as collective actions responsibly. That is why the chance to stop the actions that deteriorate the health of Mother Earth, of other living beings, and of ourselves, is in our hands, and of knowing important alternatives to aid the preservation of the life of the planet and of human beings.

At the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, we believe that it is time, from the foundations of civil society, to make the right decisions and positively act. For this, it is vital that scientific and indigenous knowledge is accessible to everyone, so that we can all become more actively involved in necessary individual actions to establish agreements and social commitments, which will result in the necessary changes of public policies that will offer Mother Earth the environmental healing that she needs, and human beings the physical and spiritual healing we desire.

This must be done now. Changes are urgent. We have to recover time and take advantage of it to the maximum.

In your hands, in my hands... in your mind and in my mind... in your heart and in my heart, is the power to make the right decisions, of listening to new visions, and strive for Life together.

Welcome once again, friends, to the 2018 Peace Integration Summit, and the Science Session for the Preservation of Life of Mother Earth and of the Human Being.

Thank you.



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