American and European parliamentarians propose a path of dialogue and negotiation for peaceGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

American and European parliamentarians propose a path of dialogue and negotiation for peace

Parlamentary Session / Chile

CUMIPAZ 2015 was the scene of analysis and proposals of Senators and Representatives

At the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session of the Peace Integration Summit CUMIPAZ Chile 2015, the key topic was "Dialogue and negotiation as fundamental tools to strengthen peace and a sustainable development", which was analyzed by the third table of the day, composed of: Senator from Italy to South America: Dr. Claudio Zin; Representative Francisco de Sales Guerra from Brazil; Representative Carlos Edward Osorio from Colombia; and Representative José Andrés Arocena from Uruguay, who moderated the table.

The analysis of this issue on the basis of past events and current scenarios, in terms of conflict resolution policies, favored dialogue as a flag of every human link for negotiation with a view to the establishment of agreements to strengthen peace and sustainable development of nations and between nations.

Parliamentary diplomacy

Honorable Dr. Claudio Zin, member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Italian Senate, presented an outline of this legislative body, also known as the upper house of the Italian Parliament, he stated: "Parliament is the house of dialogue."

With this approach Dr. Claudio spoke about the initiative that Europe promotes, especially the Italian Parliament, in establishing the need for parliaments to exercise parliamentary diplomacy, to intervene in the affairs linked to peace and to support peace negotiations that the United Nations face.

"I am absolutely and deeply convinced that parliamentarians need to intervene in any gesture of peace that begins anywhere in the world, in the 22 crisis points that exist today in the world, which are of course very serious crisis, from Ukraine to the Middle East, "said the Senator.

In this sense, he mentioned that Italy began an action with parliamentarians from Latin America and the Caribbean, Chamber Presidents and Presidents of the Senate, whom met in Rome last October to introduce the Italian initiative.

“We cannot alienate ourselves from parliamentary diplomacy, we must begin to put ourselves in a position to say: Gentlemen, when there is something, a conflict, I am with them, or take charge or join but I am there," said Dr. Claudio Zin.

Dialogue, reconciliation and unity for peace

In the same line, Dr. Charles Edward Osorio, Deputy of the Department of Tolima (Colombia), President of the Departmental Assembly, spoke about dialogue as an infallible tool for subdued agreements and also of the need to overcome obstacles, supported by the international community, to obtain an enduring peace.

 "Reason is obtained through dialogue," he said, and to verify this assertion he recounted some national and international events and the current situation the Colombian nation is facing in the peace process.

Dr. Osorio spoke about dialogue in Colombia, particularly referring to the dialogue that the government disposes with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in Havana (CUBA), which he described as a historical moment.

 Osorio stressed the role of the international community as a mediator in national conflicts, using Cuba as an example, a country he is permanently grateful for allowing spaces for the development of the dialogues. In this regard, he stressed the importance and significance of what the international community can do to support the efforts of peace, and called onto the nations to unite efforts for peace.

He stated: "The international community has been, is and will be critical for any peace agreement in which we come to, a successful conclusion that will not dismantle along the way, it should be a stable and lasting peace, as we have engrained in some legislative instrument."

Integration and organization to fight for human rights and guarantees

On his behalf, Representative Francisco de Sales Guerra, president of the Convention on Human Rights of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Roraima (Brazil), addressed some of the problems the state is facing, among them, child death by starvation, medicine shortage in hospitals; and also the aggression and subjugation of Mother Earth, especially in the Amazon region.

To address these and other problems he urges us to work in an integrated and committed organized manner to fight for the respect of human rights and the guarantees of society, contributing to the building of peace in an organized manner.

He said: "I will continue fighting so that we can really give Latin American brothers the rights and their respected guarantees everywhere (...) I will seek to make people happy and now I will do it ten times more."

The GEAP promotes the strengthening of peace and integral happiness

The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) convened legislators from different countries to CUMIPAZ 2015 for the analysis of these issues, recognizing the role of the States for the strengthening of peace and the integral happiness of the human beings and the nations.


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