CHILE | access_time NOV 3 - 7

We, citizens of the world, participants of the Peace Integration Summit, CUMIPAZ, initiative carried out by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, from November 3rd to the 7th, 2015, in Santiago, Chile, have worked on a consensus Declaration, after the expositions, lectures and debates held during this Summit, within the framework of the following areas: Judicial Session, Educational Session, and the Diplomatic, Political and Parliamentary Session.

This Declaration contains a series of proposals that are to be submitted to multilateral organizations, national and regional governments, and in other conventions and social, economic, and political summits, in order to achieve: the strengthening of a justice for peace through the respect of human dignity and fundamental rights; the effective prevention and punishment of genocide and other international crimes; the democratization of the Security Council of the UN...

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Promoting an international justice constructed on truth within the respect of human dignity and fundamental rights.


Promote the conception of Higher Education as a fundamental tool to elevate ethics, values and universal principles in professionals.

Diplomatic, Parlamentary and Political Session

The role of the States in strengthening the integral peace and happiness of the human being and of the nations.


To summarize, the Judicial, Educational, and Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Sessions promoted: the respect of Human Dignity and fundamental rights; the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide and international crimes; the democratization of the UN Security Council; the independence and autonomy of the International Criminal Court; the strengthening of a justice for peace.