Camilo Montoya Reyes

Prosecutor before the Superior Court of Bogota

Law degree the Catholic University of Colombia; specialized in Penal and Criminal Sciences at the Externado University; Diploma Certificate in Appellate in Criminal Matters from the Institute for Studies of the Public Affairs Ministry of the General Attorney’s Office.

Master’s in Criminal Law and Criminology from the Universidad Libre of Colombia.

Currently working as prosecutor before the High Court of Bogota.

Has performed, amongst others, the positions of Municipal Criminal Court Judge, Criminal Investigation Judge, Chief Prosecutor before Circuit Criminal Court Judges, Chief Prosecutor of the Special Investigation Unit of Colombia, Prosecutor Delegate before the High Courts of Bogota and Cundinamarca, Auxiliary Judge of the Criminal Appellate Division of the Supreme Court and Chief Prosecutor before the Supreme Court and Prosecutor delegate before the Supreme Court for criminal cassation.

International lecturer, author of various publications in Criminal Law and Criminology, and for over 20 years undergraduate and graduate professor in several universities of Colombia.


Justice and Democracy Session


Justice and Democracy Session


Justice and Democracy Session