Welcome dinner for the lecturers and guests of the CSR SessionGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Welcome dinner for the lecturers and guests of the CSR Session

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To receive the speakers and guests to the Session on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, Gabriela Lara, Director General of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, GEAP, and the organizing team of the CSR session, led by Ivan Sarmiento, held a welcome dinner to the speakers and guests who will participate in this session to be held on Tuesday, October 17, at the headquarters of the Parlatino.

Nobel Peace Prize 2007, Rajendra Pachauri, guest of honor, traveled from India to be present at CUMIPAZ. He also stressed the importance of involving CSR with the theme of peace and sustainability.

Dr. Julio César Pineda, Venezuelan ambassador, presented the personalities who attended and who also expressed their gratitude for being invited to the Summit event of the GEAP, which in this occasion is celebrated in Panama City.

Among the special guests were Mauricio López, Director of the UN Global Compact in Colombia, Augusto Jordán Rodas, Attorney for Human Rights, Guatemala; Ciro Torres, Professor of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro; Nelson Díaz Cáceres, Director Department of Cultural and Socio-humanistic Management, among other distinguished personalities,

Gilda Franyutti, Business Consultant and Master in Social Responsibility from the Anahuac University of Mexico, Tamara Kolangui, Director of the Chair for Peace "Shimon Pérez", Anahuac University of Mexico, and other special guests also attended the welcome dinner.

The evening was enlivened by a group of the Symphony Orchestra of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace.


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