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Companies that change the world: Social Responsibility success cases

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CSR Session for Sustainable Development

With the purpose of highlighting the importance of organizations including Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within their mission, institutional values, and business strategies, CUMIPAZ 2017 presented a space with the theme: Corporations that change the world.

Business leaders, representatives of institutions and organizations from Latin America and Israel shared their experience in the commitment to promote and guarantee a better quality of life for the population while remaining productive.

UNILEVER, Histadrut Israel International Leadership Institute, and NGO - MPSA (Movimiento Peruanos Sin Agua) were part of the models presented as success stories in responsible business management.

This presentation was made at the CSR Session for Sustainable Development, with the participation of representatives of social, economic and human rights management, academics, CEOs of national and international companies, foundations, business associations and professionals related to CSR.

Being a Volunteer

Felisa Liss, lecturer and consultant at Israel's International Histadrut Leadership Institute emphasized that through organizations we can achieve a social responsibility that changes the world, based on volunteering.

"Volunteering in Israel has become a culture, in almost all our intendencies we have an area for volunteering. According to the latest research, being a volunteer is healthy, it gives us motivation and a better life,” said Liss.


Felisa Liss
Lecturer and consultant of Israel's International Leadership Institute and Ministry of Education

A company with a purpose

Ignacio Segares Lutz, director general for Central America, UNILEVER, during his presentation highlighted that sustainability is a business and that today consumers are opting for organic products or elements that make them more sustainable every day.

Likewise, he said that UNILEVER strives to adhere to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, to ensure the morale and well-being of people.

"There are many young people who are looking to work in a company with a purpose, that is part of our mission. We all have to make a change and we're going to do that,” Lutz said.


José Ignacio Segares Lutz
Director General of UNILEVER Central America

System that captures water

To close, Abel Cruz, president of the Peruvian Association without Water NGO-MPSA LOSSINAGUA, in his participation spoke of the work that the organization is doing to solve the water shortage in Peru.

The entity has two important projects: Capture water from mist through a system of nets (plastic mesh) and secondly, provide water and drainage through self-financing of the community itself.

"In the world, there are about 600 million people who do not have drinking water for human consumption. Companies, the state, and organized civil society must do something to improve this", said Cruz.


Abel Cruz Gutiérrez
President of the Peruvian Association without Water


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