Launching: International Alliance for Peace and Sustainable DevelopmentGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Launching: International Alliance for Peace and Sustainable Development

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Nobel Peace Prize winner and Parlatino president receive honorary recognition

A multisector partnership focused on raising awareness in the business sector and society about CSR practices for sustainable development as a tool for building peace has started.

The International Alliance for Peace and Sustainable Development (ARSEPAZ) was launched at the 3rd Peace Integration Summit, CUMIPAZ 2017-Panama, in the Latin American Parliament building.

ARSEPAZ aims to promote a CSR culture, promote corporate volunteerism and create a network of members to share experiences in CSR, support projects and actions that promote the protection of Mother Earth, among other initiatives.

The International Coordinator of the CSR Program of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), Ivan Sarmiento, explained that the Alliance is working to build a new vision, a culture oriented to the strengthening of peace, and an understanding of happiness as a motivating factor in generating development.

In addition, he indicated that initiatives based on the transmission of knowledge through an integral education generate reflection and conscious actions based on ethical, moral and corporate values within organizations and the environment where they are developed.

"We want CSR to cease to be a purely philanthropic issue; thus, everyone should know CSR as an opportunity for growth, not only within companies but as a factor of development within communities and a pillar of sustainability,” said Sarmiento.

Members of ARSEPAZ and Honorific Awards

In the event, companies, organizations, institutions, as well as authorities and entrepreneurs, received recognition for their membership in the Alliance, and others made their postulation to join the network.

The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Rajendra Pachauri, received recognition as an honorary member of ARSEPAZ, which was presented by GEAP's director general, Gabriela Lara; who said:

"This is a prize, a recognition that we deliver from ARSEPAZ in gratitude for that untiring work, that extraordinary work he does to change government policies to protect our environment and promote responsible and ethical practices at a corporate level, and the general society".

Rajendra Kumar Pachauri
Nobel Prize 2007 (India)

The director of the Parlatino, Eduardo González, also received the honorable mention.


CUMIPAZ Peace Integration Summit