The GEAP presents a new project: Elderly Council of the 21st centuryGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The GEAP presents a new project: Elderly Council of the 21st century

CSR Session / Panama  |  Launching of project
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Through the International CSR Alliance and Sustainable Development for the Strengthening of Peace (ARSEPAZ), the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) presented the project "Elderly Council of the 21st Century.”

This program aims to contribute the transmission of knowledge, values, and principles of the elderly through dialogue and communication, to train competent people who practice universal values.

During a meeting held in the Latin American Parliament, the GEAP announced the importance of the adulthood stage since it is the moment where the experience and knowledge of the elderly can be placed at the service of the community, through the virtues acquired over the years.

Older people can be considered teachers of life, to guide the younger generations in various areas.

This project aims to generate programs where the capacity to love of the elderly is developed and emulated. It seeks to sensitize the community to appreciate and value the elderly, rescuing the admiration, dignity, and respect towards them. In addition, it encourages the creation of councils of elders within companies and in communities.

It also leads processes supporting those older adults who are inspirers and promoters of change for the improvement of the human being and spread the work and personal experiences of the elderly to be useful in the development of societies.

ARSEPAZ highlights social and business work

For this occasion, ARSEPAZ recognizes the international coordinator of the GEAP, Miguel Bermúdez Marín as peace adviser and promoter of happiness for his business and social work, with a trajectory of service to the neighbor and of example for society.

During his participation Bermúdez stated:

"I thank God for this opportunity, and I believe that a person of my age has much to contribute to humanity in the search for peace, happiness and the construction of a more just, prosperous and balanced society, through transmission of knowledge and experiences that we have acquired over the years."

He added that experiences allow the human being to develop virtues such as temperance, patience, and love, which are necessary for the person to live in peace with themselves and with society.

Bermudez stressed the importance of being positive at all times and advised those present to always be willing to help others because that action keeps the person to remain healthy, happy and allows them to be of benefit to the human family.

"I hope that this program that is starting today will be of great benefit and produce a great fruit for the youth and for all of mankind," he concluded.


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