International Business Alliance for Peace will begin in Panamá 2017Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

International Business Alliance for Peace will begin in Panamá 2017

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The 3rd edition of the Peace Integration Summit: CUMIPAZ 2017 - Panama, will be the scene of a business alliance, the launching of the International Alliance for CSR and Sustainable Development, for the Strengthening of Peace (ARSEPAZ).

The presentation will be made at the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Session for Sustainable Development, on Tuesday, October 17, according to the Summit program.

The objective of this initiative is to generate a multisectoral alliance of companies and other organizations, in order to raise the awareness in the business sector and society in general, on CSR practices for sustainable development, under ethical and moral principles, and as a tool for the construction of peace.

ARSEPAZ aims to promote a CSR culture, promote corporate volunteering and create a network of members that allows the sharing of CSR experiences, supporting projects and actions that promote the protection of Mother Earth, among other initiatives.

The signature. During CUMIPAZ, agreements will be signed between the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), the institution that coordinates the CSR Program, and companies from different countries in the Americas and Europe.

CSR Program in CUMIPAZ

The CSR Program aims to raise the awareness in the business sector on the implementation of CSR based on values and principles, as a way to address the social issues and the sustainability of Mother Earth, for the strengthening of peace and the integral happiness of the being human and of the nations.

Success cases. The advances of the Program will be presented during CUMIPAZ. Success cases in the business sector and in CSR will also be presented. 

The CSR Session will allow the presentation of proposals and the exchange of ideas for the preparation of the document of actions. Register and participate



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