UAGro students joined a safe blood donation dayGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

UAGro students joined a safe blood donation day


With the objective of strengthening the voluntary and regular blood donation culture, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Mexico, the awareness talks in the Faculty of Dentistry of the Autonomous University of Guerrero (UAGro).

Through the Integral Program: Life is in the Blood, the GEAP carries out activities that promote the participation of citizens, who with their solidarity contribute to guarantee the supply of blood and its components to all those who require it.

The activity was carried out in coordination with the State Center of Transfusion Medicine of the State of Guerrero, who work for the improvement of the quality of life of human beings.

Awareness talks

The blood drive began with the words of welcome from the director of the Faculty of Dentistry, Gustavo Hernández, who said:

“The work that is being done on this day shows the solidarity and the contribution to society that the young people of the university have”.

300 students attended the awareness talks, to receive information from the GEAP volunteers about this altruistic act that saves the lives of 4 people.

Young people donate blood

For his part, Dr. Guillermo Contreras said:

“We have a commitment to the GEAP here in Acapulco: that the young people become aware of this and increase the volunteers and the blood units”.

Finally, 16 students came voluntarily and donated the sap of life, resulting effective 12.



access_time Tuesday, May 9, 2017