GEAP promotes the biggest act of solidarity between the students of the UNICA of MonterreyGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

GEAP promotes the biggest act of solidarity between the students of the UNICA of Monterrey


The University of Communication identified themselves with the projects in favor of others which the Embassy executes

“It is important to emerge to help others doing an act of donating blood in a voluntary and altruist way, inviting not only the young, but the adults, the parents and their children too, to contribute in this cause enhancing the quality of life”

These were the words which Ema Ludivina Juarez, director of correlation of the University of Communication (UNICA), used to invite her students to participate in the Educational Talks and Blood Drive Marathons developed by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (EMAP), on June 2 through 4 in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is estimated that the general availability of blood for transfusion in a country requires a minimum of 10 blood donations for every 1,000 habitants; and in the most recent studies about security and blood availability, 75 countries notified that they obtained less than that minimum.

For this reason, the GEAP promotes the National Marathons and International Blood Drive Marathons, with the slogan “Life is in the Blood - Donating the Sap of Life”, with the goal of maintaining the blood inventories stocked.

As part of the program PEC-VIDA it is pursued the promotion of a voluntary, regular and spontaneous donation culture; this is why the GEAP carries out educative talks, with the objective of showing society the importance of this solidary act and social responsibility.

The talks of the UNICA were developed during the two days, achieving to build in the students a fraternal and altruist bond so that they may help others selflessly through their blood, as it was manifested by the student Saul Isai Vazquez Torres:

“It is important to donate blood, because other human beings need it; and it does not cost us anything, because our own body generates it”.

After the talks, two blood donation marathons were carried out with the support of the blood bank of the Hospital Christus Muguerza, which was attended by students and teaching staff of the university.

The University of Communication has a practical approach and it is specialized in the communication area, likewise, they promote values such as ethic, passion, innovation, compromise and service; with this last one they identify with campaigns in favor of society, just like the ones that the GEAP promotes.


access_time Thursday, June 16, 2016