WORLD HEMOPHILIA DAY IN MEXICOGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace




The Health Unit in Monterrey and the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace organized a walk around the Government Palace last April 17 to raise awareness of the importance of blood donation on "World Day of Peace Hemophilia".

The Secretary of Health, Jesús Zacarías Villarreal, said: "In Nuevo Leon, it is estimated that there are 250 people with this disease; and although they are few from a quantitative point of view, the issue, attention and prevention is important. Among other things, he noted that this is a very disabling illness: "Affected people develop serious joint injuries to the knees, and bleeding is a problem for both the patient and the family."

On the other hand, the Director of the State Center for Blood Transfusion, Aurora Lee González, spoke about the importance of blood donation to support patients suffering from this disease; she pointed: "This culture must be changed by an altruistic donation, to modify the quality of life of our patients; because there is much to be done."

In turn, the National Coordinator of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, Francisco Guerra, explained that the goal of the Institution is to create in Mexico a voluntary and habitual culture of blood donation. Among other things, he emphasized that volunteers from the Embassy are visiting schools and colleges in different Latin American countries, teaching children and young people through specialized talks about blood donation, as a social responsibility, and an act of love and solidarity with the neighbor.

The walk ended with a blood collection activity, where 147 blood units were acquired.


access_time Friday, January 17, 2014