Realization day of Otzolotepec awarenessGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Realization day of Otzolotepec awareness


The presentation of PEC-LIFE allowed the integration of voluntary donors in Mexico

The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Mexico, through the Integral Program “Life is in the Blood”, held a day of awareness, this April 28, 2016, in the municipality of Otzolotepec.

Attending the event were Boris López, municipal constitutional president, Ana Pozo, executive secretary of the Human Rights Commission of the State of Mexico (Codhem), and Liliana Becerril, president of the Municipal System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF), among other authorities.

The Codhem carried out a community and health day in coordination with the municipality and the State Council for the Integral Development of the Indigenous Peoples of the State of Mexico (Cedipiem), where the GEAP had a special participation.

In this event, the Activists for Peace presented the Communicational Education Program for the formation of a culture of voluntary, altruistic and regular donation of safe blood (PEC-LIFE), resulting in the integration of voluntary donors.

The villagers committed themselves to be anonymous heroes by taking this important step that allows them to make a significant contribution to society.



access_time Thursday, April 28, 2016