Heroes of the Human Family reached another victory in the 5th International Marathon “Life is in the Blood”Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Heroes of the Human Family reached another victory in the 5th International Marathon “Life is in the Blood”

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Spain, United States

In the race for life, the participating countries accomplished to overcome the figures of the last marathon.

Conscious of the necessity and urgency to provide the blood banks in the face of the increasing arise of new illnesses, and in addition to the already known official figures that the World Health Organization (WHO) manages, about the incapacities and death due to hemorrhage in traffic accidents, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) has implemented within their programs of action in pro of the human family, a program that today has reached 19 countries.

The program called “Life is in the Blood – Donating the Sap of Life”, seeks to create, between the individuals of all the nations an altruist and regular, voluntary blood donation culture. According to the WHO, the blood that is achieved by the voluntary donation without interest of monetary compensation by the donor, guarantees a 100% more trusting and appropriate blood for a transfusion.

In the face of the call of the WHO, who indicates that the average goal to achieve the sufficiency in the face of the demand of donors corresponds, at least, 10 for each 1,000 habitant, the GEAP is developing a series of massive promotion and blood units recollection marathons, which has been called “International Marathons”, that are carried out simultaneously in different countries.     

5th International Marathon

The 5th International Marathon “Life is in the Blood”, under the slogan “Donating the Sap of Life”, it was carried out during the month of June of 2015. This international movement of voluntary and regular blood donation, reached a total of 132,544 effective and safe blood units, which are translated into an increase of 77% of more conscious, voluntary, altruist and solidary people, if compared with the last immediate marathon that was developed in November of 2014.  

The Activists for Peace, with the support of governmental institutions, public and private companies, universities, schools and media, have worked to strengthen a culture that practice the solidarity and love to the equal, in favor of the health of the human family, in order to improve the quality of life of the patients held in the hospitals. 

Countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Venezuela, united, collaborated for the formation of a regular and safe, voluntary blood donation culture.

Blood donation marathons and promotion in the schools show a greater awareness in the population.

That is how, with weekly blood donation marathons and educating about this act through recreational activities, it was reached 2,807 and 3,100 effective blood units in Argentina and Bolivia respectively.

Brazil with 47,841, Chile with 2,714 and Colombia with 40,379 collected units, reflected their love for life as a starting point to help their citizens.

Costa Rica, Ecuador and El Salvador, weren’t an exception because they actively supported the project with the intention of spreading an altruist culture about the voluntary and habitual blood donation, incorporating the project’s socialization in different institutions, thus achieving 1,550, 3,456 and 300 units each.                                                                                                           

In Spain the 4,300 units, just as the 2,242 from United States, were because of the imparted knowledge, where it was related the act of the donation to giving life.

In the month of June, the staff of the GEAP in Guatemala, worked in the awareness about the importance of creating a voluntary, habitual and spontaneous blood donation culture, where after the effort in the work of establishing such marathons, there were made 911 safe blood units.

Honduras with 245 units, Mexico with 6,162 and Panama with 590, favored the life of the patients that receive this transfusions constantly.

As well as in the other countries, Paraguay, Peru and Puerto Rico had as main purpose to aware the people and to work together with the hospital authorities for the establishment of the mentioned marathons; it was also educated the fact of donating blood in educational institutions to support the events. In the same way, Paraguay obtained 802 effective blood units, Peru 847 and Puerto Rico 600.

In Dominican Republic, they were obtained 40 effective blood donations that will contribute to the wellbeing of approximately 120 people. 

Venezuela supported the project and worked in the implementation of a donation culture in harmony with each one of the stated objectives. The effective units collected by the Venezuelans came to be of 13,658 units of effective blood, which overpasses the total of such country in the 4th International Marathon.

If we take into account the studies made by the WHO, of making 1% of the population of each country voluntary donors, we can see that there is process in this traced path. The results of the 5th International Marathon indicate that if one considers the three countries with more increase in social consciousness to the date- which corresponds to Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela- it has been reached in them 0.1% of the donors regarding the total of the population, suitable for the exercise of donation.

The 5th International Marathon “Life is in the Blood”, concluded with positive results which, once more, put to evidence the solidarity spirit that exists in the voluntaries that day by day are added as Activists for life.