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Political authorities urge democracy as a perspective of peace

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As part of the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Policy Session of CUMIPAZ 2017, diplomats, academics, politicians and parliamentarians from Latin America presented proposals focused on a perspective of peace, respect for life, human dignity and Mother Earth.

The first discussion table was developed under the theme: "Democracy: the best current system of governance for the peace and happiness of the integral human being and Mother Earth."

The speakers of this space were:

  • The deputy of the Republic of Chile, Tucapel Jiménez.
  • The deputy of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, Gerardo Amarilla.
  • The deputy of the Republic of Peru, Jorge del Castillo.
  • The senator of Bolivia, Victor Hugo Zamora Castedo.

International instruments

With the theme: "The promotion of laws that promote the protection and defense of human rights and the rights of Mother Earth, in a globalized world to achieve the common good," Deputy Tucapel Jiménez referred to two international instruments related to human rights and the protection and preservation of the environment.

The first principle is the World Charter for Nature which calls for maintaining the productivity of ecosystems and organisms used by humans without endangering their integrity or that of other ecosystems.

And the second principle is contained in the Earth Charter, promoted by the United Nations in the year 2000, which refers to the respect and care of the community of life and accept that the right to own, administer and use natural resources leads to the duty to prevent environmental damage and protect the rights of people.

In this sense, Jiménez commented, "This vision is necessary to face issues that are not only local, framed within the borders of each of our countries, but must be tackled on both an international and local scale."

Work for the common good

Gerardo Amarilla, deputy of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, spoke on "The importance of democracy for the construction of peace among nations," in which he highlighted the ideal of participation of citizens in the election of their rulers.

"Power should not be absolutely concentrated in a person or group, ideally it is separate, it is a way to generate healthy balances; that there is a system of permanent controls so that those rulers do not deviate from their main objective, "he said.

Gerardo Amarilla
President of the Chamber of Deputies - Uruguay

Likewise, he emphasized that the demands of contemporary democracy contribute to conditioning the rulers as seekers of the best conditions in the enjoyment of rights and enjoyment of freedoms for their governed.

"Peace constitutes a more than necessary state, essential to achieve better stages of development of different communities," he concluded.


Fight against corruption

For his part, the deputy of the Republic of Peru, Jorge del Castillo, developed the theme "The new challenges of democracy in the world and the well-being of the human being in harmony with Mother Earth."

During his speech, he emphasized that the problems of political, economic and social instability of the present governments are the main challenge of democracy.

"It implies that the countries of Latin America, can and must have an approved proposal of the fight against corruption in these cases," he said.

Jorge del Castillo
Representative of the Republic of Peru

Finally, Victor Zamora, senator of Bolivia, through the theme "Corruption in the systems of government and its impact on human rights" explained that corruption has become systematic and moves to the highest levels of government.

He also said that this problem is an abuse of authority or confidence for private gain and is a temptation in which not only public officials but also people who occupy positions of trust or authority in private enterprises, fall prey to.

"A single person cannot display all the power within the political schemes, it is a very complicated and dangerous element that many authors have identified as an initial element of corruptible processes," he said.

The conclusions of the panel focused on the need to defend democracy as a value that demands the sovereignty and right of the people for the contribution of peace in nations.



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