In CUMIPAZ 2016: Authorities provide solutions for the restoration of Mother EarthGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

In CUMIPAZ 2016: Authorities provide solutions for the restoration of Mother Earth

Parlamentary Session / Paraguay

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"New approaches for the preservation and restoration of Mother Earth" was the topic that developed in the third worktable of the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session of the Peace Integration Summit CUMIPAZ 2016.

Four sub-topics formed the worktable that consisted of authorities from the United States, Panama, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic. Ambassador Julio Cesar Pineda was the moderator in this space of dialogue..

Irene Gallego, Vice Minister of Indigenous Affairs for the Ministry of the Government of Panama, spoke on the topic: "From the Vision of our Native People", and expressed that respect for indigenous peoples is crucial to promoting peace and equality.Gallego affirmed that the Republic of Panama has a constitutional and legal framework that guarantees respect for the rights of indigenous people and makes it possible for a new approach to the preservation and restoration of Mother Earth.

"A leader who ignores indigenous people, is destined to fail," said Gallego.


Senator Lineth Guzman, representative of the Multinational State of Bolivia, spoke on the topic: "From public policies". Guzman said that environmental law engages in activities in favor of Mother Earth.  

"When we have large companies, in highly developed countries the economy grows, as does the pollution," he said.

He also said that they work on the basis of policies that help citizens to have a better quality of life and promote respect for the rights of Mother Earth, some of them are: 

  1. Comprehensive, social, political and cultural processes.
  2. Creation, provision, strengthening conditions and capabilities.
  3. Solidarity relationships with countries


The deputy of the National Congress of the Dominican Republic, Adelis Olivares manifested that they continue creating laws that benefit Mother Earth, to avoid deforestation and to rescue the forests of the nation.

Idalia Lechuga, representative of the Chamber of New Mexico, USA, invited participants to create and defend laws that allows us to care for the planet. Lechuga said it is important to work together for world peace and for the future of the human family.

With a series of questions and answers the third worktable ended, which was held in the VIP Deputy Chamber of the National Congress of the Republic of Paraguay.




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