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  This event was held at the facilities of the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center, Blood Bank of the city of San Antonio, Texas.
18 countries came together to celebrate the 11th Marathon "With love from my heart I donate blood and save lives
Puerto Rico | access_time June 16 2018
  In the blood donation days 2,256 people were sensitized and 348 people donated the life sap.
El Salvador | access_time June 15 2018
Health institutions in El Salvador and the GEAP promoted a culture of voluntary blood donation during a parade.
The citizens participated voluntarily, in order to help people who need a transfusion of this vital liquid tissue.
The celebration was held in several cities of the country with activities honoring and thanking voluntary donors and also, raising public awareness.
Venezuela | access_time June 14 2018
The sessions were held in coordination with the country's blood banks to strengthen a culture of voluntary blood donation.
700 people in Chile celebrated the World Blood Donor Day with the GEAP to raise awareness among the population in this voluntary act.
El Salvador | access_time June 14 2018
The event was held at the ISNA headquarters of Colonia Costa Rica and was attended by ISNA employees at Soyapango and Santa Ana.
More than 70 effective units were collected in celebration of World Blood Donor Day in Guatemala.