Colombia | Citizens donate blood in campaigns for lifeGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Colombia | Citizens donate blood in campaigns for life

The 11th International Blood Drive Marathon "With love from my heart I donate blood and save lives" was held in Colombia from June 1 to 30, where 9,800 citizens were sensitized about the importance of donating blood, and joined this campaign for life.
Invitando la comunidad.
With a smile on their faces, the volunteers invite the community to donate the sap of life.
7,500 units of blood was the result of the workshops held in Bogotá, Villavicencio, Cartagena, Sincelejo, Santa Marta, Bucaramanga, Cúcuta, Neiva, Barranquilla, Popayán, Cali, Pereira, Armenia, Tunja and Rioacha, a figure that contributed to the supply of blood banks in these regions of the country. (See: List of municipalities that participated in the 11th International Blood Drive Marathon)                                                                        
The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Colombia implemented voluntary blood drives in parks, shopping centers, squares, companies, hospitals, churches, schools, supermarkets, communities, with the purpose of facilitating the participation of the community.
The blood drive marathon was supported by government entities and coordinated with 51 blood banks, and 44 institutions from all over the country participated. (See: List of blood banks and institutions that participated in the 11th International Marathon)

Let's donate blood!

Valores accionados.
kindness and responsibility are some values ​​that are triggered when donating blood.
The GEAP volunteers gave short talks to publicize:
• Values ​​and principles that are reflected when donating blood
• Benefits when donating blood and myths that impede donation
• Requirements to donate blood
The events of the 11th International Marathon included the presence of Nohora Gutiérrez, director of the Blood Bank of the Departmental Hospital of Villavicencio; and Nubia Esperanza Torres, director of the Acacias Hospital.
Omaira Medina, a voluntary blood donor, mentioned in an interview that this is her first time as a blood donor, and she testified that on one occasion a family member needed this vital liquid and it was very difficult to obtain it. 
"That experience motivated me to donate blood for other people (...) we can always help our brothers in any way, from any nation and what better help than giving a bit of our blood, because blood is life," said Medina.
Lorena Castro, a bacteriologist at the Blood Bank of the San Jorge University Hospital, called on the community to donate blood on a regular and voluntary basis. "When we donate blood, we save three lives and that is important because there are always sick patients in San Jorge Hospital," she said..

United for the common good

Muestras musicales.
Las jornadas estuvieron amenizadas por presentaciones musicales en la Frecuencia de la Paz: 432hz
On June 5, the director of the blood bank of the Red Cross section Quindío, Diana Rodríguez and the departmental coordinator of the GEAP, Gildardo López, participated in the program Magazine El Yipao regional channel Telecafé, in order to promote the conference of blood donation.
On June 7, a drive was held in the department of Valle, where the support of the GEAP Symphony Orchestra in Colombia was available.
On June 12, in Santa Marta, the Waacar Blood Bank signed a cooperation agreement with the GEAP, and on June 14, the commitment to the Hemocentro del Centro Oriente Colombiano (HCOC) was ratified. On this occasion the official delivery of the cooperation agreement was made.