Ministry of Health of Panama recognizes the altruistic work of the GEAPGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Ministry of Health of Panama recognizes the altruistic work of the GEAP


The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Panama celebrated World Blood Donor Day, with an act of recognition to voluntary blood donors and entities that promote extramural collections throughout the national territory.

The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) received this recognition for its outstanding work in the promotion and formation of a culture of voluntary donation of safe blood, through the Integral Program Life is in the Blood. In the same way, peace activists were recognized as voluntary and habitual donors.

As part of the celebration, the Ministry of Health held a press conference where members of the National Blood Program, the Ministry of Security and the representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Gerardo Alfaro, together with delegates from the Dr. Luis "Chicho" Fábrega Regional Hospital.

Dra. Itza Barahona
Dr. Itza Barahona de Mosca General Director of Health

Itza Barahona de Mosca, general director of health, spoke about the importance of spreading the voluntary blood donation through the media. She also highlighted Law N˚. 581 approved by the National Assembly of Panama on October 17, 2017, which regulates blood services and blood transfusions.

For his part, Gerardo Alfaro, representative of the PAHO / WHO in Panama, said that the nation should follow the recommendation of WHO to reach 40 donations per 1,000 inhabitants and exceed the current figure of 14 donations, which represents a 7% of voluntary donations.

Solidarity work

The Ministry of Public Security, through its deputy minister, Jonathan Del Rosario, received recognition for the work performed by its officials throughout the country, by supplying the treatments required by patients from different health centers.

Similarly, the 29 blood banks in the country received recognition from the National Blood Program for the work done by all staff. Volunteer and regular blood donors from blood banks in the metropolitan area were also recognized for saving lives.

For a voluntary blood donation culture

The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) received recognition for contributing to the formation of a culture of voluntary, altruistic and regular donation of safe blood, to increase the active participation of citizens, in order to guarantee the supply of blood to all the people who require it.

The work of the executive president, William Soto Santiago, was also highlighted, because through the Integral Program Life is in the Blood, promotes the principle of love and the universal values of the human family, so that blood donation is a voluntary, solidarity, civic, altruistic, responsible and habitual act.

In addition, two peace activists received recognition for being voluntary and regular donors of safe blood.

Dr. Luis "Chicho" Fábrega Regional Hospital of the province of Santiago de Veraguas, gave a recognition to the GEAP for promoting solidarity, respect for human dignity, improvement of the quality of life, social justice, peace and the integral happiness between the human family through the Integral Program Life is in the Blood in this province.

The event ended with an invitation to the attendees to participate in the 11th International Blood Drive Marathon "With love from my heart I give blood and save lives", which was held at the headquarters of the Peoples of the Universidad del Istmo.


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