Altruistic action: blood donors help the Ecuadorian societyGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Altruistic action: blood donors help the Ecuadorian society


With the aim of recognizing the altruistic action of the people who voluntarily and responsibly donate their blood to save the lives of their peers, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Ecuador, in cooperation with the Ecuadorian Red Cross, on June 14, the Ministry of Public Health celebrated World Blood Donor Day.

The celebration was held in several cities of the country, with activities in tribute and gratitude to the unpaid voluntary donors and awareness to the public about the need to donate blood usually to ensure the availability of this vital liquid and its components.

The GEAP executes the 11th International Blood Drive Marathon during June "With love from my heart I donate blood and save lives", as part of the International Campaign “Life is in the Blood”, which promotes the principles and positive values of the human being and encourages participation, commitment and citizen solidarity regarding voluntary blood donation.


 In a ceremony held in Ibarra by the Ecuadorian Red Cross, the solidarity action of the voluntary blood donors was recognized. Also, the authorities of the Provincial Board of Imbabura thanked the health centers and institutions of the city that support the blood donation days.

The GEAP is part of the institutions that promote voluntary, altruistic and regular donation of safe blood through the Integral Blood Donation Program: Life is in the Blood.


The prefect of Imbabura, Pablo Jurado, representatives of the municipalities of Otavalo and Ibarra, volunteers of the Red Cross and peace activists attended this event.


In the Chamber of Industry of the Chamber of Commerce of Ambato, the Provincial Board of Tungurahua of the Ecuadorian Red Cross recognized the participation of the community in the health system.Likewise, the GEAP received recognition for the support it provides in each day of blood donation that takes place in the locality. This event culminated with musical performances in honor of the voluntary and regular blood donor.



In the Sultana de los Andes, Riobamba, the Provincial Board of Chimborazo of the Red Cross, honored the usual donors who throughout the year donate blood altruistically, becoming anonymous heroes because they save the lives of other human beings.

In this event, which was attended by higher education institutions, the work carried out by the Ministry of Public Health, the municipality, the National Police and the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace was recognized.

Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas

GEAP activists and members of the Red Cross, joined to carry out a blood drive where a total of 200 units of blood were collected. The event was supported by Mary Verduga Cedeño, governor of Tsáchila province.

The GEAP ended the day with the delivery of recognition's to the voluntary donors of safe blood that demonstrate their solidarity by donating the sap of life.


On June 14, a blood donation campaign was carried out in the Central Park of Quevedo, organized by the Cantonal Red Cross, the GEAP and the Ministry of Public Health, where 60 blood units were obtained from voluntary donors.

On June 15, an event was held to thank the institutions that throughout the year support blood drives. In this event, the GEAP recognized Iris Morante, president of the Red Cross in Quevedo.

Likewise, the constancy of the solidarity heroes was recognized: Rebeca Chávez, Leonardo Ordoñez, Katty Valencia, Carlos Vela, Karina Mero, Gloria Carranza, Luis Salmerón, Angie Solórzano and Ángel Veintimilla, who usually donate safe blood.


Thanks to citizen participation, 77 effective blood units were collected during a drive held by GEAP volunteers in coordination with the Provincial Board of the Red Cross Guayas. Once processed, the blood components will benefit the patients who require them.

The GEAP promotes voluntary blood donation with the aim of increasing the percentage of blood units needed to supply blood transfusions in patients due to illnesses, accidents or natural disasters.