Venezuela | Rulers affirm their commitment to Mother EarthGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Venezuela | Rulers affirm their commitment to Mother Earth

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 Municipal governments of Venezuela approved 35 documents that support the Proclamation of the Constitution for the Rights of Mother Earth, which was presented by the volunteers of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) to the governors and mayors of various regions of the country, during April, May, June, July and August of 2018.

The resolutions, decrees, agreements, proclamations and official gazettes were delivered to peace activists in offices of mayors, public events, extraordinary sessions of municipal councils and meetings with indigenous communities.

The activities were attended by indigenous governors, mayors, representatives of government agencies and the general public. In each formal act, the document that promotes the rights of Mother Earth and recognizes it as a living being was read.

In order to inform the public about this environmental proposal promoted by the GEAP, the rulers agreed to promote the content of the proclamation in educational institutions and spread through the media that Mother Earth must be respected by all human beings.


access_time Friday, August 31, 2018