This work area responds to the specific objective:

1. "Work for the worldwide recognition of Mother Earth as a living being and the proclamation of the constitution of her rights, as the basis for the establishment of a solid governance and universal environmental justice, for the legal and political support of all actions oriented to the protection, preservation and defense of Mother Earth and all its systems: atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, biodiversity and the human family."

The main purpose is the worldwide promotion and adoption of legal, legislative and political instruments and documents that contribute to the worldwide efforts to stop the negative impact that, up to now, humanity has had on Mother Earth.

Since 2015, the GEAP together with experts in these areas have worked on the basis of the proposals of Dr. William Soto Santiago, the consultation with the Indigenous Peoples and their ancestral knowledge and understanding, the treaties and resolutions of the UN and others. international and regional blocks, scientific and humanistic documents and postulates, in a series of legal, legislative and political instruments that mainly seek to recognize MOTHER EARTH AS A LIVING BEING, proclaim the constitution of their rights and thus contribute to the protection, preservation and defense of its ecological and environmental balance.

The document: FOR THE ENVIRONMENTAL PEACE OF MOTHER EARTH: Proposals for Governance and Universal Environmental Justice, integrates five ethical-legal proposals in environmental matters for the protection of Mother Earth. These are:

  1. The Inter-American Environmental Charter: Principles, values ​​and environmental actions that will strengthen the inter-American system in matters of protection for Mother Earth and a healthy environment.

  2. The Proclamation of the Constitution of the Rights of Mother Earth: Declaration for the worldwide recognition of MOTHER EARTH AS A LIVING BEING and her inalienable rights.

  3. The International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Ecocide: Typification of ECOCIDE as the maximum environmental crime of national and international order against Mother Earth.
  4. The Agreement for the Protection of Mother Earth and creation of the Inter-American Court for the Defense of the Rights of Mother Earth: Creation of an inter-American judicial institution specializing in environmental crimes, decentralized and autonomous.
  5. The proposals of the indigenous peoples of America for the environmental peace of Mother Earth: Indigenous knowledge and understanding of the voice of their elders, men, women and youth, with proposals for their preservation, ecological balance and the peace of their communities.

It is time to become aware of the seriousness of the environmental damage of Mother Earth, and this is only possible through information, training and education in environmental principles and fundamental values, with the establishment of solid actions in governance and environmental justice for the coexistence and harmonious development of human beings with Mother Earth.