Venezuelans made a valuable contribution to Mother EarthGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Venezuelans made a valuable contribution to Mother Earth


 GEAP calls for the celebration of World Environment Day

Actions of environmental education, tree planting, ecological walks and cleanup day were part of the valuable contribution that the Activists for Peace of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela made in favor of Mother Earth on June 5, World Environment Day, after the call from the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP). 

“MOTHER EARTH WAS BORN FREE, human beings did not create her, we were created by her. That is why we are called to behave fraternally with our Mother Earth and other living beings (…) OUR MOTHER EARTH IS A LIVING BEING that, as such, must be protected”, Dr. William Soto Santiago, Global Ambassador of the GEAP.

This is the basis that describes the International Project of the GEAPChildren of Mother Earth”, driving force of various activities developed by the Activists in this nation and in other Latin American countries, Spain and the United States under the theme “Let us celebrate life with our Mother Earth”.

Venezuela was a pioneer in the development of public policies aimed at strengthening the environmental management, through the creation of the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, which represented a historical reference for Latin America (1976); agency that since April of the current year, is called Ecosocialism and Waters. 

Education to recognize the Rights of Mother Earth

With regards to environmental education, on June 5, pedagogical conferences were held in several regions of the country, in order to promote a culture of green sustainable citizenship through topics that show how human beings and Mother Earth are connected among themselves, in a crucial balance that mankind must care and respect

In the state of Carabobo, the GEAP, together with the Mayor of Libertador, developed educational and cultural activities in Plaza Bolívar of Tocuyito, aimed at the preservation of planet Earth, among them, the presentation of the project “Children of Mother Earth”.

The celebration began with a solemn session by the Municipal Council and included the participation of the President of the Autonomous Institute of Environmental Management, Engineer Ronny Fagundes, as Speaker of Order, the Coordinator of GEAP in Venezuela, Ruth de Bermúdez, representatives of the City Council, schools, musical and theater groups, Activists for Peace and general public. 

With costumes made of recycled materials, children, youth, adults and Activists for Peace, demonstrated through songs and plays the need to care and restore Mother Earth, likewise, students from schools of the city presented an exhibition where they showed how waste material can be useful by reusing it and transforming it into another product.

In the line of education for a culture of green sustainable citizenship, in the states of Yaracuy and Falcón, the Activists for Peace attended various schools where they held didactic activities with elementary students, that gave space to show this international project; among them, dramatizations, poetry, manufacture of recycling containers, elaboration of environmental billboards and puppets with recycled materials by the students themselves. 

Likewise, focused on educating current generations, the Activists form Aragua state, held a pedagogical day at La Victoria National Basic School, with the participation of teaching and administrative staff and students from the Institution, which held a forum-video as a communicative strategy for the sensitization in the topic of the current condition of Mother Earth and the actions that can regenerate her. 

A conscious and productive journey

In addition, an ecological walk was registered in the city of Cagua from this entity, which mobilized Activists for Peace, several ecological groups and the community in general. Similarly, GEAP volunteers in Lara state, with a joyful and colorful march for World Environment Day, toured various main streets to carry a message of love and respect for Mother Earth; they also gave talks of awareness and planted trees in educational institutions. 

Sowing for life

In ratification of the commitment with the project “Children of Mother Earth”, the Activists for Peace of the state of Zulia carried out the planting of trees and medicinal plants in the surroundings of the University Hospital; in turn, educational and cultural activities were done in the area of Wayuu Indigenous Health, the service of pediatric hospital classrooms and the Simón Zulia Foundation, aimed at children, adults and working staff in the hospital. 

In the state of Bolívar, GEAP volunteers, aware of the importance of vegetation for the vital functions of all human beings, sowed palm trees and other plant species in schools of the entity, where they also instructed on the responsibility that humans have with the preservation and recovery of the environment. 

Recovery of Mother Earth, an effort of everyone

Among the actions in favor of Mother Earth, there were also registered cleanup days and recovery of green areas in different parts of the country. In Caracas, capital city, the GEAP coordinated the cleanup of beaches on the central coast, mainly the recollection of solid waste, and to bring life to the city, the activists planted trees in several areas. 

With the same energy, they attended the National Educational Unit Francisco Pimentel and the State Educational Unit Picarpio Farrera, and through the presentation of the project they gave information of topics about the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being and the protection that she deserves as such; the most important messages were recorded in the institutions, as well as the logo of the project through a mural made with the students. 

In the state of Anzoátegui, the Activists for Peace understood that a simple environmental action, done in a conscious and appropriate way, can produce great benefits to Mother Earth. That is why, in the celebration of the World Donor Day, they did a cleanup day in the Educational Unit Mesones, which in addition of contributing to the sanitation of the area, was an example to follow for the students.

Also, they reforested the Mesones Urbanization in the city of Barcelona, by planting trees, they also designed a mural with the logo of the project “Children of Mother Earth” in the Community Meeting Our Hope, as an example that it is possible to work for the well-being of Mother Earth.

This fact was also demonstrated in Los Andes, through the work of the GEAP volunteers in the city of San Cristobal, who held a cleanup and recovery campaign of the green areas in the city; in addition to this, they held talks and expositions to publicize the project in different places.

This fact was also demonstrated in Los Andes, through the work of the GEAP volunteers in the city of San Cristobal, who held a cleanup and recovery campaign of the green areas in the city; in addition to this, they held talks and expositions to publicize the project in different places.


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