Mayors of Guatemala issue 15 resolutions for a safe environmentGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Mayors of Guatemala issue 15 resolutions for a safe environment

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During May and June, the volunteers of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), presented before the mayors of Sacatepéquez, Chiquimula, San Marcos, Guatemala and Sololá, the Proclamation of the Constitution for the Rights of Mother Earth, proposal accepted by the mayors, who approved 15 resolutions in favor of the environment.

The documents that support the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being, were approved unanimously and delivered to the representatives of the GEAP in formal ceremonies. This initiative was also supported by the Rural University Headquarters 081, San Marcos.

They participated in the delivery of the resolutions: Mario Francisco Aquino, mayor of Santo Domingo Xenacoj; Nicolás Cuma Vicente, mayor of Santa María de Jesús; Neftalí Ordóñez López, mayor of Santa Catarina Barahona de Sacatepéquez; and Dagoberto Domingo García Chuta, mayor of San José Chacayá, Sololá.

Also, Mario Lemus, the mayor of San Juan Ermita, Chiquimula; Guadalupe Alberto Reyes, Mayor of Palencia; Mara Nineth Marroquín, mayor of Amatitlán; Julio Daniel Marroquín, mayor of Villa Canales; and Pablo Tocay Gómez, mayor of Chuarrancho, Guatemala signed the documents in support of the GEAP initiative.

The GEAP continues to promote the rights of Mother Earth throughout the nation, because through information, training and education on environmental principles and values, with the establishment of solid actions in governance and environmental justice, human beings can reach a coexistence and the harmonic development with the planet.