Venezuela greatly encourages the recognition of Mother Earth as a living beingGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Venezuela greatly encourages the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being


Around 26,000 students from all over the country were involved in the activities programed by the GEAP.

As part of the celebration of Mother Earth Day (April 22), the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Venezuela, developed awareness and educational marathons in all the regions of the country, on April 20 and 21; through talks given in educational institutions of primary, basic, middle-school and universities.

The main purpose of these activities was to promote the project of the new Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, which the GEAP proposed, for the global recognition of the Earth as a living being and her inalienable rights.

Around 26,000 students in more than 90 institutions of the country were involved in the environmental educational marathon, as well as academic authorities, academic staff, among other figures and representatives of national, governmental and town authorities related to the protection of the environment.

As well as promoting global consciousness for the defense of the Rights of Mother Earth, and the importance of this annual celebration set by the UN, the activity stimulated the participation of everybody in support of the project of the declaration, through an electronic signature. The directive and academic staff, such as representatives of different ambiental authorities of Venezuela supported this project. (See: Declaration and signature for the recognition of the Rights of Mother Earth)

The activities were registered in 19 states of the country as part of the programming of the GEAP, stipulated for April 20, 21 and 22, which were carried out by Venezuelan activists as part of the action lines of the International Program “Children of Mother Earth”.

Development of activities by state

In the state of Carabobo 18 educational units visited different cities, including Puerto Cabello, in the Carabobeña coast, where 2,537 students were sensitized. They also carried out the talks in the National Experimental University of the Armed Forces (UNEFA) where around 180 university students participated.

In the states Cojedes, Portuguesa and Barinas 3,550 students of different educational institutions received the programed talks, among them, students from the National Experimental University of Los Llanos Ezequiel Zamora (UNELLEZ), 150 officials of the Fire Department of Portuguesa and 25 members of the Wayuú community, in Barinas, who shared the interest in the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being. 

At the Capital District, the marathon was carried out on the National Educational Unit “Tomás Vicente González” of the Ecological Parish Caricuao, with the participation of 1,200 students; in this institution the talk was given to more than 200 children with special conditions.

1,354 students from different sections and grades of the National Basic School La Victoria and the State Educational Unit Lucio Antonio Figueroa, in the state of Aragua, received the talks about Mother Earth Day.

In Villa de Cura, a Guárico state, the State Educational Unit Teresa Carreño opened their doors and it was distributed the information in 29 sections. The Basic School José Tadeo Monagas and the Integral Education Center Pitoquín also participated, for a total of 1,253 sensitized students on these themes. 

In Yaracuy 390 elementary students received the talk in the Educational Unit León Trujillo, of Cocorote, and in the Basic School Rafael Andrade. In the state Falcón 893 students obtained the information in the marathons that were carried out in Puerto Cumarebo, Punto Fijo and the state capital, where it was given the talk on the Liceo Bolivariano de Coro. 

On the East side of the country there was a massive response and support before the proposition of the GEAP of the declaration of Mother Earth as a living being. They gave talks in 38 schools and high schools of four states of the region: Anzoátegui, Nueva Esparta, Monagas and Sucre; creating awareness in more than 7.600 students, from elementary to the last year of middle school. 






In the state of Bolivar 1,415 young students of the following institutions participated: Educational Unit José Eugenio Sánchez; U.E. Cuatro Casas and the U.E. Mata Verde.

In the Andean region of the country, talks were given in Mérida, Trujillo and Táchira, where students of all the grades of elementary and middle school participated; likewise, students of the

civil and agricultural engineering schools in the University of los Andes.

In the state Lara the marathon covered the Educational Unit Julio Valero Roa, the Bolivarian high school Jacobo Mármol; the Educational Unit Dr. José Gregorio Hernández; the Bolivarian Coto Paul High School and the Territorial Polytechnic University Andrés Eloy Blanco together with the ecological group Ezequiel Zamora, for a participation of more than 4,700 students.

In the state Zulia the activity was carried out in the Basic School Monseñor Granadillo; in the National Educational Unit Playa Grande; and the Preescolar Loma Linda. Counting with the presence and attention of more than a thousand students.

In the activities programmed by the GEAP, they arranged marathons of tree planting especially for April 22, as well as parades, walks and fairs for the Peace Mother Earth.

This call of Dr. William Soto Santiago, executive president of the GEAP, encouraged the sum of efforts and support for the objectives of the UN in the celebration of Mother Earth Day, which this year chose the theme: Trees for Earth.


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