Children of Mother Earth

Children of Mother Earth

The International Program Children of Mother Earth is a social program, created with the goal of contributing solutions and promoting citizen participation in actions for a sustainable development and future, which guarantees the continuity of human life in harmony with our Mother Earth.

This GEAP program is inserted in the UN Global Agenda for a Sustainable Development, since its objective is to protect, keep and restore Mother Earth with actions aimed at the promotion of a sustainable development and its four dimensions, harmoniously integrating everything social, environmental, cultural and economic in every field of action, projects and campaigns of said program. On the other hand, the protection of planet Earth is conceived according to what is stated in the document: “Transforming our world: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”:


We are determined to protect the planet from degradation, including through sustainable consumption and production, sustainably managing its natural resources and taking urgent action on climate change, so that it can support the needs of the present and future generations.


Dr. William Soto has presented his proposals in different international instances, stating that: “Mother Earth has life. Mother Earth is a living being. This is not a new concept. Our indigenous and native people in different continents consider it to be so. And that is why they care, protect, respect and honor her. That is why we are called to fraternally behave with our Mother Earth and with other living beings.”


Taking in consideration the ancestral, scientific and humanistic postulations that support these contributions, it is decisive and important the global recognition of Mother Earth as a living being, which gives rise to everything that is developed within her. And by considering her as a living being, which is subject to rights that every human being must respect.

This program is made up of a group of projects, campaigns and actions marked within four action fields: environmental governance and justice; environmental education, communication and culture for the peace of Mother Earth and a sustainable development; the promotion of ancestral knowledge of the indigenous people of Mother Earth for a sustainable development; and the restoration and protection of Mother Earth.


Environmental Governance and Justice are fundamental to stop the negative impact humanity has had on Mother Earth. In this sense, a series of proposals is promoted to recognize MOTHER EARTH AS A LIVING BEING, and other legal and political instruments necessary for her protection and safe keeping, as well and contributing for her restoration.


  • Global recognition of Mother Earth as a Living Being

  • Project of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth

  • Project Framework Law for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Ecocide

  • Project Latin American and Caribbean Agreement for the Protection of Mother Earth and the Creation of the Inter American Court of the Rights of Mother Earth.

  • Project Framework Law for Environmental Education and a Sustainable Development

  • Project of Declaration of the Obligations of the Children of Mother Earth

Environmental Governance and Justice

If the States and nations commit to having effective environmental educational and communication plans to strengthen the individual and social culture of sustainability of love for Mother Earth, in a few years we will be able to see the results of these care actions in the improvement of the environment and the restoration of all the resources of our Mother Earth.

This work area will be developed through the Integral System of Environmental Education and a Sustainable Development (SIES), designed by the GEAP with the purpose of creating awareness on restoration and the peace of Mother Earth, forming human beings with environmental and sustainable responsibility, based on the universal recognition of Mother Earth as a living being, the resolutions and agreements of the United Nations, the educational principles of Dr. William Soto Santiago and the ancestral knowledge of our indigenous people.

Work areas: 

  • Promoting a Sustainable Environmental Culture, framed within the harmonic, peaceful and sustainable coexistence between the human race and our Mother Earth, and the promotion of a responsible consumption and production, and sustainable development awareness.

  • Study and promotion of Environmental Governance and Justice.

  • Study and promotion of the ancestral knowledge of our indigenous people for the protection of Mother Earth

  • Study and promotion of Environmental Communication and Journalism

Environmental Education, Communication and Culture of the Peace of Mother Earth and a Sustainable Development

The only people that, over hundreds of years, have stayed in harmony with our Mother Earth are our brothers, the Indigenous people of every continent, especially those in America. That is why it is so important to rescue that ancestral culture and use it as an example to reconnect with our Mother Earth and help restore her. In this sense, this project is aimed at approaching our indigenous people, to promote and study their ancestral knowledge, making them part of the Program Children of Mother Earth.

Work areas:

  • International, national and regional encounters of the Children of Mother Earth.

  • Study, systematization and socialization of the proposals of the indigenous people for the restoration of Mother Earth.

Study and Promotion of the Ancestral Culture of Indigenous People of Mother Earth for a Sustainable Development

Within the Program Children of Mother Earth many important actions are carried out, within international policies and treaties. The purpose is to promote the restoration and protection of Mother Earth through citizen, institutional and governmental actions, and the establishment of strategic alliances with other organizations, to restore and protect the natural and urban spaces of Mother Earth.

Work areas:


  • Reforestation and restoration of Mother Earth.

  • Environmental Movement “Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth”

  • Inter-generational support group, “Seedlings of Mother Earth”

  • International certification “Children of Mother Earth”

Restoration and Protection of Mother Earth