The State of Chihuahua donates blood, donates life.Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

The State of Chihuahua donates blood, donates life.


A week of awareness and blood donation

In the cities Juarez and Chihuahua, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) as part of the Integral Program “Life is in the Blood”, developed activities of awareness and marathons of blood donation, on April 12 through 15, achieving significant results in the visited communities.

The Program “Life is in the Blood” was developed because of the constant necessity of safe blood in different countries, which it can only be obtained by volunteer healthy donors.

This program has two strategic components: the Communicational Educative Program (PEC-VIDA) that seeks the formation of a voluntary, altruist and regular safe blood donation culture, and the International Blood Drive Marathons.

The facilitators of PEC-VIDA in Mexico, with the support of the State Center of Blood Transfusion (CETS) of Chihuahua, carried out in the Autonomous University of Chihuahua (UACH) an awareness talk on April 12, in which 300 law students participated.

The effects of this awareness were reflected during the blood donation marathon developed on April 13 and 14, where 203 people participated, from which it was obtained 151 effective units of blood.

Simultaneously, in the city of Juarez, with the support of the regional blood bank, it was carried out another donation marathon, this time in the organizational area, in the fabric ELECTROLUX1, where the employees received with a very good attitude the activists of the GEAP who promoted the regular and altruist blood donation. 


access_time Tuesday, April 12, 2016