Soto: "The health of the human being is linked to the health of Mother Earth"Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Soto: "The health of the human being is linked to the health of Mother Earth"

Science Session / Guatemala


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William Soto Santiago, executive president of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, addressed the government authorities, researchers, academics and indigenous leaders present at the Session: Science for the preservation of the life of Mother Earth and of the human being, of the 2018 Peace Integration Summit, CUMIPAZ.

Soto, also director of the Summit, called for analysis and reflection on the number of environmental problems and problems in human health, at the same time, he presented his vision on the necessary actions to face this environmental crisis and preserve life in the Earth.

In turn, he indicated that the human beings have a deep connection of life and interrelation with all the species that inhabit the Earth and that "the health of the human being is closely linked to the health of Mother Earth."

Soto mentioned the importance of working together in both fields to reconnect and balance life with harmony between all living beings and the resources provided by the planet.


He added "If we do not slow down and change our way of life, we are facing a massive extinction of the human species, because the planet - our Mother Earth - is reacting to so much destruction caused by our hands."

William Soto explained that the vision and knowledge of the indigenous peoples is considered in the work of CUMIPAZ, they have shown that you can continue to live in harmony with Mother Earth and make good use of their resources for the preservation of life. In addition to this vision, he also spoke about the importance of scientific knowledge and advances to this end.

The leader of the activists ended by calling for individual and joint action for the preservation of life:

"In your hands, in my hands ... In your mind and in my mind ... In your heart and in my heart is the power to make the right decisions, to listen to new visions, and to fight together for Life".


William Soto Santiago
Global Ambassador of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace.



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