Saving lives is in our blood! Heroes of humanity are recognizedGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Saving lives is in our blood! Heroes of humanity are recognized

In Latin America, the United States and Spain, the will, love and solidarity of people who have become heroes of the human family for being voluntary and regular blood donors was recognized, in turn, this altruistic action in society was promoted.

On June 14, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) celebrated World Blood Donor Day, along with health centers, blood banks and government entities, with special acts of recognition and blood donation marathons, promoting the message: Saving lives is in our blood!

Civil invitado
Uruguay: more than 100 people were made aware)
These activities boosted the 2017 World Health Organization motto: “What can you do? Donate blood. Donate now. Donate often” to encourage all people to contribute to the health services of their community in order to be prepared for an emergency situation: by donating blood.

Through the Integral Program “Life is in the Blood,” thousands of peace activists worked in education and public awareness to motivate people to be voluntary unpaid donors, fostering a culture of voluntary, altruistic and habitual donation of blood.


Educational activities in Brazil for the formation of anonymous heroes

Activistas de São Paulo
Brasil: presentación musical para invitar a donación

The tribute to volunteer donors in Brazil was conducive to the development of educational talks, seminars, walks and parades, in order to make students and citizens aware of the benefits that people donating blood as a solidary and altruistic action, brings to the communities.

The activities involved educational institutions, blood banks, religious organizations and government entities.

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Celebration and commitment in Chile by 100% of voluntary donors

Donante voluntaria
Chile: citizens commit to voluntarily donate life

106 voluntary donors received recognition for their altruistic work through special certification. On the other hand, there were blood donation marathons in which a total of 400 effective units were registered.

These events were held in eight cities of the Chilean Republic. The objective of this work is to contribute to the achievement of the national goal: to reach 100% of voluntary blood donations and not by replacement.

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Colombia celebrates the will of life givers

Orquesta Sinfónica
Colombia: Symphonic Orchestra enlivens donation day in Congress

Acts of celebration were held in twelve departments of Colombia with the participation of the National Army, hospitals, educational institutions, District Health Department and other entities. Cultural presentations with folklore displays were highlighted, as well as caravans and parades.

There were also blood donation marathons in plazas, companies, hospitals, shopping centers, parks and cathedrals, which resulted in a total of 740 effective units.

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Dynamic information and donation modules in Ecuador

Dramatización por voluntarios
Ecuador: benefits of voluntary blood donation

In the capital of the Republic of Ecuador, Quito, the GEAP in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health, developed an exhibition with the objective of disclosing the requirements, procedures and benefits of voluntary blood donation.

Dynamic information and awareness modules were deployed for the community, accompanied by cultural events, and also a blood donation point in which the collection of 100 effective units was achieved.

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Tribute to voluntary donors supplies Children’s Hospital in Panama

Marco del donante
Panama: ULAT participates in World Donor Day

In the facilities of the Faculty of Law of the Latin University of Panama, the GEAP paid tribute to the voluntary blood donors; in turn, a donation day was held, which received dozens of students from different faculties of the house of studies. The effective units were destined to the patronage of the Children’s Hospital.

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Recognition of anonymous heroes in the Dominican Republic

Donantes voluntarios
Dominican Republic: recognition of regular donors

Authorities, peace activists and members of civil society met in the Municipal Park of the province of San Cristobal, Dominican Republic, to celebrate the world anniversary, in recognition of the anonymous heroes, voluntary blood donors. 320 people attended the event.

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1,291 effective units in Venezuela

Awareness talks, blood donation days and cultural events were held in Venezuelan territory.

The activities were carried out with the purpose of honoring the nation's anonymous heroes, who during the year donate the sap of life as an act of solidarity, fraternity and kindness for their fellows. Different health centers supported the marathons that reached a total of 1,291 effective units.

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