Peru | Mayors confer agreements and resolutions to the GEAPGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Peru | Mayors confer agreements and resolutions to the GEAP

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The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Peru, presented in government institutions, the Proclamation of the Constitution for the Rights of Mother Earth, which was approved by the municipal authorities during of April, June and August 2018.

11 Proclamations that contribute to the protection, preservation and defense of the ecological and environmental balance of the planet Earth, were granted to the GEAP in protocolary events held in Chupaca, Satipo, Huancayo, Concepción - Manzanares, Trujillo, Nepeña and the city of Lima.

On April 26, the mayor of the department of La Libertad in the province of Trujillo, Elidio Espinoza Quispe, delivered to the representatives of the GEAP: Oscar Rodríguez Horn and Rene Rodríguez Rodríguez, Agreement No. 060-2017-MPT. Also, on July 26 in the Huayucachi district, Mayor Regner Meza Vidal, conferred Resolution No. 046-2018-MDH / A to the GEAP.

The dean of the College of Chartered Accountants of Junín, Wilder Sergio Hilario Aquino, delivered on July 25 of Resolution No. 072-2018-CD-CCPJ to the promoter of the GEAP, Aldrin Rojas Morales. In the province of Concepción, Manzanares district, Mayor José Carlos Inga Cerrón, granted on July 30, Resolution No. 045-2018-MDM / A.

For the rights of Mother Earth

In the San Juan de Iscos district, Mayor Raúl Víctor Sotomayor Bastidas, issued on August 1, 2018, Resolution No. 046-2018-MDAJI / A. For his part, Carlos Cerrón Poma, mayor of the Huamancaca Chico district, delivered on August 2, in a solemn act Resolution No. 085-2018-A-MDHCH.

Similarly, on August 3, the representative of the GEAP Regner Meza Vidal, received by the mayor of the district December 3, Edgar Vidal Escobar, Resolution No. 096-2018-MDTD / A.

On August 17, 2018, in the downtown region, Chupaca province, Huachac district, Mayor Fidencio Edmundo Vílchez, López, issued Resolution No. 085-2018-A-MDH. On August 21, the president of the Association of Municipalities of Peru, Lima district, Oscar Benavides Majino granted Agreement No. 011-2018 / AMPE.

Likewise, on August 23, in Satipo, Rio Negro district, Mayor Elvis Walter Hinostroza Jorge, granted Resolution No. 396-2018 / MDRN. Finally, the promoters of the GEAP of the Ancash department of the Nepeña district, received by the administrative secretary, Luis Ricardo Aquino, Resolution No. 062-2018 - MDN.