Mayors of Puerto Rico sign proclamations in favor of the planet EarthGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Mayors of Puerto Rico sign proclamations in favor of the planet Earth

Puerto Rico
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With the aim of promoting the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being, volunteers from the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), visited four city halls of Puerto Rico, to present the Proclamation of Constitution for the Rights of the Mother Earth, proposal approved by the highest authority of each jurisdiction.

In the municipality of Caguas, on June 27, representatives of the GEAP, held a meeting with Deputy Mayor Lydia Rivera, to present the approach that the GEAP proposes, among other aspects: respect the natural cycles of planet Earth and give the proper use of her resources.

This meeting resulted in the issuance of the document that states the responsibility assumed by the first executive, William Edgardo Miranda Torres, with the postulates of the environmental proposal that the GEAP promotes for the respect of planet Earth and all living beings.

The Autonomous Municipality of Caguas expresses in its website: "Our Mayor will sign the Proclamation on behalf of our Municipality as it complies with the principles established with the signing of the Earth Charter, our Strategic Second-Generation Plan and the initiatives of sustainable development".

Support for the environmental proposal

On July 24, 2018, the GEAP received from Jesus Edgardo Colón Berlingeri, mayor of the municipality of Orocovis, the Proclamation No P-2018-03, where he pronounces in favor of Mother Earth and her inalienable rights.

In a ceremony held on August 27, in the office of the mayor of the municipality of Arroyo, Hector Carballo, the coordinators of the International Program Children of Mother Earth in Puerto Rico, Noemí González and Ginny Flores, received a Proclamation that supports the approach presented by the GEAP before the institution.

In the house of Francisco Paquito Díaz culture, in the municipality of Aguas Buenas, on August 31, Mayor Javier García Pérez presented Gabriela Lara, general director of GEAP, with a Proclamation in favor of the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being that has rights and must be respected and protected by all human beings.